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Chion engages Unali, "You mistake what I said for what
you heard. And I would have better luck wooing a cow
than you, if I could not return to my homeland in an
instant when the wooing mood struck me. Anyway, my
preference with the ring lies primarily with the
choice, not the memory. If I should forget the choice
I would do us all a dis-service. And, while I have
little doubt that you would wear a man's ring well
(Chion raises an eyebrow with the verbal tit-for-tat,
finally entering into her frayed conversation), if the
choice to seize power comes upon you I would hope that
you would seek to a lesser one. Failing that pick, I
will graciously allow you the ring, and then we can
share in a choice chosen opposite each other. Am I to
presume the treasure is yours or mine?"

--- Wout Broere <broere at powersandperils.org> wrote:

> Unali answers:
> "So you try to woe me with an item just as powerful
> and practical as 
> the ring, and now you tell me it is not. What kind
> of trickery is 
> this. If your preference for the ring lies purely in
> the memories, 
> you could always admire the ring as it shines from
> my fingers. I 
> expect that we will travel a lot more together, so
> you won't be often 
> out of sight of the ring and you will be constantly
> reminded of the 
> memories you are so fond of."
> "I could claim a stake of everything if I believed
> that the world is 
> mine, but I do not expect that any of us would honor
> such a claim. Ah 
> well, probably a megalomaniac man would, but even
> then I doubt we 
> should honor such a claim. We are all in this
> together and there are 
> no special rights. We can always ask the group how
> they feel, and let 
> them decide."
> [We could go on for a few more rounds, and I think
> it would add 
> little. In the end Unali will settle for the Ruby
> and see if Z'leyra 
> can enhance it. Any enchantments to increase
> characteristics probably 
> have to be added to the sheath, if Z'leyra is indeed
> willing to do so.]
> At 05:08 26/11/2006, you wrote:
> >Chion listens to Unali speak:
> >
> >"We agree we are both courageous, brave and mostly
> >fearless. I fear Z'Leyra will not be able to
> enhance
> >the ruby further as it has already been worked
> (sorry,
> >I just had to go re-read the spell, eh? She can
> >enhance it but not enchant it per the description
> of
> >the spells). I doubt we will find an item of its
> >quality for some time. I desire the ring as
> >rememberance of the castle. It will always remind
> me
> >of the choice I made, whomever keeps it. I do
> desire
> >to keep it for this added reason, however.
> >
> >As to the amulet, I do think that any other person
> in
> >our group could use its protections. Had Caladan
> had
> >it he may not have taken his trip to the other
> side.
> >
> >As far as compassion and understanding are
> concerned I
> >would ask you not to comment upon what you do not
> know
> >of me. Having more than is due is also a failing."
> >
> >.... and the conversation continues ....
> >
> >If she asks him directly why he thinks he has
> "first
> >dibs" Chion will state, "I left a note to that
> effect.
> >They knew it, now you know it."
> >
> >
> >
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