[pnpgm] Claws and Visions

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 27 23:23:21 CET 2006

Earlier,  Trembyl asked: "Cure for your mother?  Is she sick or has some long term disease?"

"It seems a wasting disease, but one which we have found no cure.  It started after my father was slain.  The forest mourned his passing, even as the people honored the sacrifice he had made to save my mother's life."  Strie'bog stops for a moment, "I was not at the battle where my father gave his life, but it is said that he stood as a beacon of the Lords of Balance, absorbing the very essence of the evil that sought to invade the Great Forest."  He says a prayer, then looks back at Trembyl.   "Those who serve the forest have said that the death of my father has wounded her heart, and that she withers from this loss.  Even with the love he holds for my mother, his sacrifice makes it impossible for him to be returned to this existance.  In a vision, it was seen that I might find a cure if I were to travel into the world."  With a wry smile, "it is difficult, no, dangerous, for me to travel the world, but it is something I must do for my mother."  

Looking at Trembyl again, "if there is anything you know or could do that could help my mother, I would be greatful."

In regards to the claw:  Strie'bog looks to Xian, and then to the others in the tent, "The knowledge is forbidden.  It was as if the gods were discussing what they could tell, then one voice spoke that it was forbidden.  Never before have I received such a reply.  I do not know if it is forbidden for the gods to speak of it, or if it is forbidden for the children of the Earth to know of it.  As there is magic that can penetrate the deepest mysteries, I fear it is that the gods do not speak of it."  He pauses, "I know of no story of this claw, but my mother is far wiser than I.  Perhaps she or her priests may know why the gods claim this is forbidden."

Regarding visions:  Strie'bog accepts the offer of the vision quest.

As the vision quest nears to the end, Strie'bog inhales deeply and wakes.  He looks around at the people who he has travelled with for so many month.  Showing the proper respect, he leaves the tipi and steps outside into the cool night air.  He goes and strokes Bodyzar, speaking softly to the wolf as he waits for the others to finish their visions.

"Friends," he starts as everyone recovers, "a disturbing vision came to me, and I feel deep inside of me that the spirits were speaking."  Unable to resist a dramatic pause, Strie'bog continues, first looking toward Z'leyra "Like an eagle, I soared over the land to the great forests of the north.  There I saw a brown eagle diving and flying among the trees until it spied a clearing with a crystal clear pool.  As the eagle descended in gentle circles toward the pool, a transformation took place.  The clear water became as the slime which the priestess in the fortress created, and the trees, once verdent, became withered, twisted and lifeless.  Deep within is a dread that the spirits are telling me that my mother's condition has become worse, and that the Great Northern Forest dies from this unhealed wound.  Strong is the urge to return to the sacred woods, and I feel that the spirits want this of me." 

Looking around, "you have all proved yourselves to be skilled healers, warriors and wizards.  I am new to your company, but your are the ones whom I trust as friends outside of the great forest.  Would you come with me to see if your knowledge and skill can heal my mother and save the great forest?"

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