Powers and Perils

Powers & Perils

Welcome to Adventure! You are about to enter the world of Powers and Perils, a Fantasy RolePlaying Game. Powers and Perils (or P&P for short) was written by Richard Snider and published in 1983 by Avalon Hill. After the first publication, a number of extensions were published in the AH game magazine, Heroes. These are available from this site, as well as numerous extensions submitted by GMs from all over the world.

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Perilous Lands

Automatic Sheet

Highly automated Excel sheet from Bryan Tllant added.


New Articles

Added an article on making Wands and Staves.

Added an article on new Natural Magic Items by Burton.

Added an introduction to Ticasi University by Bess Hadley



Fixed a mising link for Tower of the Dead from the overview of AH published material. Fixed a missing link to the Site Book from the drop down menu.

Added a photo of Richard Snider.

Corrected typos in Book I and II (Version 2) spotted by Alex, that were present in the rtf versions only. Added PDF versions of these books as well.

Corrected an age that was mistaken for a date in the Marentia section,spotted by Althera.


World Map

A new high-res map of the Perilous lands is available.

Tower of the Dead has been added as well.



Overview of site additions, updates and revisions.