Powers and Perils

Powers & Perils

Welcome to Adventure! You are about to enter the world of Powers and Perils, a Fantasy RolePlaying Game. Powers and Perils (or P&P for short) was written by Richard Snider and published in 1983 by Avalon Hill. After the first publication, a number of extensions were published in the AH game magazine, Heroes. These are available from this site, as well as numerous extensions submitted by GMs from all over the world.

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Perilous Lands

Powers & Perils V1

  • Released in 1984, the original version of P&P is available in the rules section. This page also contains links to the extensions and background material released by AH and players over the years.

Powers & Perils V2

  • Early 2017 an updated version (2.0) of the basic rules was released that contains all arrata and extensions, as well as many changes originally proposed by Richard Snider. A second book, containing all material on the P&P background setting the Perilous Lands, has been released late 2017 as well.

Perilous Lands v2

Minor update to the PDF version of P&P Version 2 Book, fixing PDF indexing issues.



Added the link to the Discord channel to the menu and index.


Laws of Magic

Added the missing last page to the scans of The Laws of Magic article from Heroes.



New high-res map of the Western Lands and updated Perilous Lands V2 book.



Overview of site additions, updates and revisions.