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Perilous Lands - World Map

The Perilous Lands is the name of the Avalon Hill setting for Powers & Perils. It is described extensively in a separate boxed set and some of the locations have been detailed in Heroes. Several GMs and players have however added to the basic descriptions of the Perilous Lands, adding detail and flavour to the world. The map below is split into 26 sections. Click on any land area to go to the corresponding regional map. Those regional maps may in turn link to descriptions of lands or adventure sites. These descriptions can also be found from the

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The Map Book

A very large world map (7MB) consisting of all section maps stitched together has been made by Floyd Resler and is available from his site or here.

An even larger high-res map (40 MB) has been made by Burton Choinski and is available here

James Claypool has redrawn the entire map with a lot of detail and all place names. The full map is available here.

Floyd Resler

Burton Choinski

James Claypool


World Map

All map sections stitched together in high-res.

Design: Burton Choinski


World Map

Newly drawn map in high-res.

Design: James Claypool