[pnpgm] Regarding the ring and Unali

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Mon Nov 27 11:55:48 CET 2006

Unali answers:
"So you try to woe me with an item just as powerful and practical as 
the ring, and now you tell me it is not. What kind of trickery is 
this. If your preference for the ring lies purely in the memories, 
you could always admire the ring as it shines from my fingers. I 
expect that we will travel a lot more together, so you won't be often 
out of sight of the ring and you will be constantly reminded of the 
memories you are so fond of."

"I could claim a stake of everything if I believed that the world is 
mine, but I do not expect that any of us would honor such a claim. Ah 
well, probably a megalomaniac man would, but even then I doubt we 
should honor such a claim. We are all in this together and there are 
no special rights. We can always ask the group how they feel, and let 
them decide."

[We could go on for a few more rounds, and I think it would add 
little. In the end Unali will settle for the Ruby and see if Z'leyra 
can enhance it. Any enchantments to increase characteristics probably 
have to be added to the sheath, if Z'leyra is indeed willing to do so.]

At 05:08 26/11/2006, you wrote:
>Chion listens to Unali speak:
>"We agree we are both courageous, brave and mostly
>fearless. I fear Z'Leyra will not be able to enhance
>the ruby further as it has already been worked (sorry,
>I just had to go re-read the spell, eh? She can
>enhance it but not enchant it per the description of
>the spells). I doubt we will find an item of its
>quality for some time. I desire the ring as
>rememberance of the castle. It will always remind me
>of the choice I made, whomever keeps it. I do desire
>to keep it for this added reason, however.
>As to the amulet, I do think that any other person in
>our group could use its protections. Had Caladan had
>it he may not have taken his trip to the other side.
>As far as compassion and understanding are concerned I
>would ask you not to comment upon what you do not know
>of me. Having more than is due is also a failing."
>.... and the conversation continues ....
>If she asks him directly why he thinks he has "first
>dibs" Chion will state, "I left a note to that effect.
>They knew it, now you know it."
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