[pnpgm] Regarding the ring and Unali

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 26 05:08:06 CET 2006

Chion listens to Unali speak:

"We agree we are both courageous, brave and mostly
fearless. I fear Z'Leyra will not be able to enhance
the ruby further as it has already been worked (sorry,
I just had to go re-read the spell, eh? She can
enhance it but not enchant it per the description of
the spells). I doubt we will find an item of its
quality for some time. I desire the ring as
rememberance of the castle. It will always remind me
of the choice I made, whomever keeps it. I do desire
to keep it for this added reason, however.

As to the amulet, I do think that any other person in
our group could use its protections. Had Caladan had
it he may not have taken his trip to the other side.

As far as compassion and understanding are concerned I
would ask you not to comment upon what you do not know
of me. Having more than is due is also a failing."

.... and the conversation continues ....

If she asks him directly why he thinks he has "first
dibs" Chion will state, "I left a note to that effect.
They knew it, now you know it."

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