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"It is not courage that I lack, so thanks for stating that. Neither 
do I fear or hate so much that I need to be protected from myself. 
So, the Ruby would do no good in replacing the Sapphire in that 
sense. It is indeed the skill of hands and the ability to open locks 
that appeal to me. These abilities would aid me in an exploration as 
we did on the Island.

Z'leyra offered graciously to enhance the Ruby and place on it magics 
to aid the wearer in several areas. If she could do so [add to S, D 
and A], combined with its ability to protect from poisons, the Ruby 
could aid one of us almost as well. If you still desire the ring more 
than the necklace after such enchantments are placed on it, so be it. 
Then I will take the fire of the earth and you can wear the freedom 
of the forest on your hand. And keep your amulet to shield from 
falling rocks, as it would do neither of us any good. Maybe there is 
another man here that could use it.

Remember though, that being perceived as a big and blundering male 
has little to do with the flexibility of ones fingers and the flex of 
the leg muscles. A healthy dose of compassion and the ability to 
understand the intent of others would cure this failing just as easily. "

To Z'leyra:
"Thanks Z'leyra, for being wise and generous as always. You have 
helped us out numerous times. I do feel the group has a say in this, 
not just Chion. He has helped us a lot in these last days, but as to 
having first choice, I do not see where his claim is based on. But I 
will yield here, and keep the spirit of cooperation in this group as 
lively as always. There is a feeling we will need it in the coming 
days as much as we have already."

At 03:47 25/11/2006, you wrote:
>Hearing the words that Unali says says the following,
>"Perhaps we should discuss our desires for the ring
>amoungst ourselves and not within the party. It is
>clear that the magic it holds enhances both our
>fighting and survivability. There is no reason that we
>should not be able to figure something out. To the
>party I would only state that there should be no
>question that I have first choice and would take the
>ring over the necklace if not for something else of
>value being offered." And with that he will motion for
>her to walk beside him over to a clear area apart from
>the group where they may talk.
>In the clearing (because hey, everyone will hear of it
>eventually - a group of friends this size... no
>secrets here) Chion will converses with Unali, "It is
>very powerful. It is a hard thing not to get angry
>when one should. It is a burden not bearable by all.
>You and I share respect for this burden. Your ability
>not to hate people different from you is in no
>question and I appreciate that about you greatly.
>Likewise I think that no one's courage is in question
>in this group." Adding, "Interestingly enough the Ruby
>and the Sapphire share qualities which make this all
>mute. Except for the enhancement of physical
>attributes which it has we would probably not even be
>discussing this. I already have an amulet which
>enhanced my flexibility slightly. I would like to
>replace it with an item like this which would make me
>keenly agile rather than, as some in the party seem to
>see me, big and bulky. I would offer you the amulet I
>have (+8 AGI and I think it is imm lvl 3 to earth
>powers) as well as the ruby necklace if you are so
>inclined to have it at all. I am not inclined to draw
>lots for this item, but I awate your reply."
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