[PnP] Where is Shanda in cultures list?

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Sat Aug 22 06:40:15 CEST 2015

If you want to find the description, you can use the maps as well.

Click on the world map in http://www.powersandperils.org/lands/world.htm 
to go the regional maps. Then click on Shanda in 
http://www.powersandperils.org/lands/map2.htm and this will bring up the 
Culture Book description.

And the list s open to subscription without my approval. You only need 
to confirm your email address is valid. (Scott: Even I had to check, it 
has been even longer for me since I subscribed.)


On 22-08-15 01:49, Scott Adams wrote:
> At 07:28 PM 8/21/2015, you wrote:
>> Hi to whoever is concerned. I hope you have added me to the mailing
>> list. I sent my request awhile back (a month or two, maybe?)
> Welcome.  In the future to any that wants to join the list in the above
> email header is a Subscribe link.  Just use that ilnk and bam your in.
> Course I'm unsure if wout makes it a invite only thing. Been a LONG time
> since joined. :)
>> I cannot find my cultures book, so have been relying on the P&P
>> website. Where is Shanda? (on the map; it's located next to the
>> A'ha'kacili, north of the Timbaza) - it appears to be part-civilized
>> and part-tribal (like the Cerulean Empire & other such multi-culture
>> countries)
>> But I cannot find Shanda in the Culture list, or elsewhere on the
>> website.
> It is in my culture file.
> Right before Dawana.
> Look The Confederation of Shanda.
> First few lines are Prior to the ....
> If can't find it I can cut/paste the section from the file.
>> Since the Fomorians have Shandar blood, it would be nice to know their
>> culture & basic Earth equivalent. There's a bit of a difference from
>> the Celtic culture of Fomoria to the African-Arabian desert culture of
>> the A'ha'kacili, places not far apart on the map, so I am really curious.
>> Could someone send me a short summary? I would appreciate it.
>> Glad to know you're there.
> That info is in the file. If can't find it let me know. My file is I
> beileve directly from the pdf converted to text.
> or heck..here ya go
> http://www.powersandperils.org/lands/Shanda.htm
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