[PnP] Where is Shanda in cultures list?

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Bess,They are listed under The Confederation of Shandra, page 15 & 16 of the culture book.PERSONALITY
Civilized citizens view themselves as an elite responsible for
bringing enlightenment into the hills. They are patient, suave, cunning
and pragmatic in dealing with others, especially Shandans.
They have a mercenary attitude towards loyalty, except where personal
honor is involved.
The Shandans are killers only recently removed from total
savagery. They have quick tempers, moody and violent natures and
a deep-seated love of combat. They treat outsiders as enemies until
they prove themselves to be friends. Enemies are at best distrusted.
At worst, they are killed. Friends, relatives and men of the same
tribe are trusted, treated with respect and accorded full rights in
tribal society.

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Hi to whoever is concerned. I hope you have added me to the mailing list. I sent my request awhile back (a month or two, maybe?)

I cannot find my cultures book, so have been relying on the P&P website. Where is Shanda? (on the map; it's located next to the A'ha'kacili, north of the Timbaza) - it appears to be part-civilized and part-tribal (like the Cerulean Empire & other such multi-culture countries)

But I cannot find Shanda in the Culture list, or elsewhere on the website. 

Since the Fomorians have Shandar blood, it would be nice to know their culture & basic Earth equivalent. There's a bit of a difference from the Celtic culture of Fomoria to the African-Arabian desert culture of the A'ha'kacili, places not far apart on the map, so I am really curious.

Could someone send me a short summary? I would appreciate it.

Glad to know you're there.

Bess L. Hadley 

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