[PnP] Where is Shanda in cultures list?

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Aug 22 01:49:26 CEST 2015

At 07:28 PM 8/21/2015, you wrote:
>Hi to whoever is concerned. I hope you have added me to the mailing 
>list. I sent my request awhile back (a month or two, maybe?)

Welcome.  In the future to any that wants to join the list in the 
above email header is a Subscribe link.  Just use that ilnk and bam 
your in.  Course I'm unsure if wout makes it a invite only thing. 
Been a LONG time since joined. :)

>I cannot find my cultures book, so have been relying on the P&P 
>website. Where is Shanda? (on the map; it's located next to the 
>A'ha'kacili, north of the Timbaza) - it appears to be part-civilized 
>and part-tribal (like the Cerulean Empire & other such multi-culture countries)
>But I cannot find Shanda in the Culture list, or elsewhere on the website.

It is in my culture file.
Right before Dawana.
Look The Confederation of Shanda.
First few lines are Prior to the ....
If can't find it I can cut/paste the section from the file.

>Since the Fomorians have Shandar blood, it would be nice to know 
>their culture & basic Earth equivalent. There's a bit of a 
>difference from the Celtic culture of Fomoria to the African-Arabian 
>desert culture of the A'ha'kacili, places not far apart on the map, 
>so I am really curious.
>Could someone send me a short summary? I would appreciate it.
>Glad to know you're there.
That info is in the file. If can't find it let me know. My file is I 
beileve directly from the pdf converted to text.

or heck..here ya go


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