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> At 06:07 PM 12/13/07, you wrote:
>> I'm currently involved with revamping my Construction rules (my
>> Legends players are starting to build up their inn and will  
>> eventually
>> be constructing their keep off in the western mountains.
> Cool.  I consulted your rules on this just tonight for some upkeep  
> to a manor for one of my players. :)

The new rules are a bit more streamlined and easier to build with.   
Attached here for review and any comments, if people want, but keep in  
mind they are still in progress.
But you can do 99% of the job.
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>> Porters:  Using a porter, 1 ton of material can be moved on hex in 60
>> days and cost 20CC.  Obviously, more porters will reduce the time,  
>> but
>> never less than 1day.
> May nee dot adjust.  60/2000=33 lbs a day ? A PC can typically carry  
> 3x that easy.  Maybe base it on Carrying El  factors.  Just a quick  
> thought.  Course it depends on foot or horse or cart?, etc.  Assume  
> you mean human here.

This is human porters, assumed to be skilled in carrying and at least  
hefty enough for the job (Portage 75#).  It's low because it's pro- 
rated by the MR10 to cross one hex.  One man can carry 75# over one  
hex in two days, so yea, in terms of pounds/day it's 35# per day.

>> Ox Cart: Pair of oxen pulling a wagon, one teamster.  Takes 4 days  
>> for
>> a ton of cargo and costs 10CC per hex.  Again, more carts can be  
>> added
>> but cannot reduce below 1 day.  Carts can be used to carry objects
>> over 200# (unlike porters and mule trains)
> Looks good ...hrmmm...
>> Mule train: 1 drover and 5 mules, takes 3 days an 8CC per ton of
>> material per hex.
> Could research the old Western migration stats.  Some mule trains  
> could do wonders over mountains and move massive loads.
>> Boats:  I still have to go over Scott's rules and figure this out,  
>> but
>> it should be way cheaper per ton.
> :<..don't think I figured this out per se.  Oh no..I think I did  
> ocome up with prices and such in one file.  Been awhile :)
>> The above just for your amusement.
> For construction I'd like Upkeep factors.  I had to do some formulae  
> for a Horse Ranch and City Manor ..think its fair but could use some  
> reliable figures :)  If you find time.

I was looking at maintenance for my rules, I have some notes on it but  
not in the rules yet.  I think I was figuring a basic rate of 2.5% of  
the basic cost for structures, DOUBLE for high traffic/public  
buildings and HALF for low traffic.  For freestanding walls, the cost  
is ONE-FIFTH.  These costs (and times) are per year.

>> Now, for Richard (and others): How much soil could your average  
>> Living
>> Earth dig per phase (for excavation)?  How much for a Son of Gea?
> Figure man/ox could do what 1 foot per second?
> LE is 15' diameter so figure 45 feet per phase but can do it in a  
> wide swipe so 45x15? in one phase. :)  If he wanted to.

I was pondering basing the rate on the cubic footage of the LE, but  
just have to figure out the proper factor so it's neither too wimpy  
nor too extreme.
However, from the description of the LE (moves through the earth like  
air, must do all damage in a single phase), I think an LE doesn't  
tunnel through the earth as much as it's essence travels through and  
just reforms from the dirt at the end of the travel.  Thus the LE  
sinks into the ground and the earth that it formally was becomes  
normal dirt as the elemental travels, animating his form out of new  
dirt.  Thus, you need to kill it in a single phase or it will just  
reform out of fresh dirt.

If the elemental is looked at it that way, the digging would be pretty  
low.  If it actually tunnels through the earth like a mole (filling  
the hole behind it as it pushes through), It can probably dig pretty  
fast, but digging up and pushing out would be a lower rate than just  
moving it's volume about.  I'll have to play with some numbers.  For  
the SoE I might figure some factor of human digging rate times  
something based on size and Strength vs average human strength.

> Son is just a tall dude.  Need a supernatural Ox to match :)
> But if he did it with a really big shovel or limb...
> could vary but I'd say 30x5' area in one swipe per phase?
> Just guesstimates.
> Son would need tools LE might not.
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