[PnP] A digging we go!

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Dec 15 05:29:05 CET 2007

>The new rules are a bit more streamlined and easier to build with.   
>Attached here for review and any comments, if people want, but keep in  mind they are still in progress.
>But you can do 99% of the job.
>Will take a look at them when I get the time in my spare time.  It does help and heck may help me complete the ship project which has always been construction (the last part and hardest) so it might inspire me :)

>I was pondering basing the rate on the cubic footage of the LE, but  
>just have to figure out the proper factor so it's neither too wimpy  
>nor too extreme.
>However, from the description of the LE (moves through the earth like  
>air, must do all damage in a single phase), I think an LE doesn't  
>tunnel through the earth as much as it's essence travels through and  
>just reforms from the dirt at the end of the travel.  Thus the LE  
>sinks into the ground and the earth that it formally was becomes  
>normal dirt as the elemental travels, animating his form out of new  
>dirt.  Thus, you need to kill it in a single phase or it will just  
>reform out of fresh dirt.
>If the elemental is looked at it that way, the digging would be pretty  
>low.  If it actually tunnels through the earth like a mole (filling  
>the hole behind it as it pushes through), It can probably dig pretty  
>fast, but digging up and pushing out would be a lower rate than just  
>moving it's volume about.  I'll have to play with some numbers.  For  
>the SoE I might figure some factor of human digging rate times  
>something based on size and Strength vs average human strength.

I've never had call to use either LE/SON so don't know them so well to figure out their 'how to's.  But you have a good grasp.  Looks like LE will be out but Son should be good to work with based on Size varation.  
Course one could invent a Earth Powers spell or use combination of a spell like Avalanche to move earth as well.  

Good luck.

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