[PnP] A digging we go!

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 14 03:26:37 CET 2007

At 06:07 PM 12/13/07, you wrote:
>I'm currently involved with revamping my Construction rules (my  
>Legends players are starting to build up their inn and will eventually  
>be constructing their keep off in the western mountains.
Cool.  I consulted your rules on this just tonight for some upkeep to a manor for one of my players. :)

>Porters:  Using a porter, 1 ton of material can be moved on hex in 60  
>days and cost 20CC.  Obviously, more porters will reduce the time, but  
>never less than 1day.

May nee dot adjust.  60/2000=33 lbs a day ? A PC can typically carry 3x that easy.  Maybe base it on Carrying El  factors.  Just a quick thought.  Course it depends on foot or horse or cart?, etc.  Assume you mean human here.

>Ox Cart: Pair of oxen pulling a wagon, one teamster.  Takes 4 days for  
>a ton of cargo and costs 10CC per hex.  Again, more carts can be added  
>but cannot reduce below 1 day.  Carts can be used to carry objects  
>over 200# (unlike porters and mule trains)
Looks good ...hrmmm...

>Mule train: 1 drover and 5 mules, takes 3 days an 8CC per ton of  
>material per hex.

Could research the old Western migration stats.  Some mule trains could do wonders over mountains and move massive loads.

>Boats:  I still have to go over Scott's rules and figure this out, but  
>it should be way cheaper per ton.

:<..don't think I figured this out per se.  Oh no..I think I did ocome up with prices and such in one file.  Been awhile :)

>The above just for your amusement.

For construction I'd like Upkeep factors.  I had to do some formulae for a Horse Ranch and City Manor ..think its fair but could use some reliable figures :)  If you find time.

>Now, for Richard (and others): How much soil could your average Living  
>Earth dig per phase (for excavation)?  How much for a Son of Gea?
Figure man/ox could do what 1 foot per second?
LE is 15' diameter so figure 45 feet per phase but can do it in a wide swipe so 45x15? in one phase. :)  If he wanted to.

Son is just a tall dude.  Need a supernatural Ox to match :)
But if he did it with a really big shovel or limb...
could vary but I'd say 30x5' area in one swipe per phase?
Just guesstimates.

Son would need tools LE might not.

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