[pnpgm] Update #112, File 839 - Raddok

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Tue Jan 21 22:57:11 CET 2020

Raddok takes Dorhak's shield & weapons & sets them at his feet for the moment. He can carry the weapons if they move, but Dorhak's shield would have to be attached to his own - a bit awkward, even if do-able. Then again, they were supposed to remain here & might surely be being watched. He's tempted to just sit down & rest, but feels uncertain in this new place. 

He looks around, as the others are doing. He feels they should be doing something so tosses a couple suggestions to Z'leyra to find what she & the others might be thinking.

"Would this be a good time for some quick naps? Half can stand watch & the rest sleep a half-hour, then we can switch places. If not, how about some food & water? I'll help stand 1st watch, if you want. A short walk out around this spot might be useful." He then grinned. "I'd rather not have to carry all Dorhak's weapons though. I'm strong, but they're heavy, and I dare not leave any behind." He laughed, amused at himself. He then reached for his pack's side pouch, pulling out a slightly dirty cloth, and begins to wipe down all the weapons he is now carrying, including the shields.

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