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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate

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         Game Update #113 sequence (file #857)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak makes this decision 
quickly, for two reasons.  He speaks ...

                 in Marentian, he says "I’ll be 
going with them.  Raddok!  Will 

            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Acton]
                 Raddok takes Dorhak's shield & 
weapons & sets them at his feet 

                 "Would this be a good time for 
some quick naps? Half can stand 

            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 I meant mace, shield and throwing axe.
            GM: Ack. I figured. :)

            From Wout: [Re: Discord]
                 Sure go ahad and let the main 
list know of the discord. Any resource is 
welcome. May not use it too often given time zone differences.
            GM: Ack. Thanks this does not replace 
the great work or list you did for years. Just 
figure a new resource.  As to time that doesn't 
matter.  The channels for text are see 
anytime.  So you visit when needed.  I think your 
the only one to not come in yet.  But optional my friend.  Not required.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]

         [Time: 5:05 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            Dorhak makes this decision quickly, 
for two reasons.  He speaks the common language 
the best, plus, he's responsible for his crew.  Any penalty awaiting is
his alone to endure.

            In Marentian, he says, "I’ll be going 
with them.  Raddok!  Will you hang onto my gear 
(sword, shield, and throwing axe), please?"  It’s 
more of an order. "Z’leyra!  Keep these 
miscreants in line while I am gone.  If you don’t hear from me in, um".

            He turns to Gnorf and asks in Dwarf 
Elder "how long will we be before I can report back to my crew?"

            Gnorf shrugs, “depends on fast you 
talk.  The Elder is inquisitive so may have a lot 
of questions.  I'd say 20 minutes to an hour?”

            Back to Z’leyra and Marentian "if you 
don’t hear back from me in two hours, then figure 
out a plan.  Preferably one that assumes I’m 
still alive and includes coming to get me.  Make 
sure you keep a guard up and don’t let them 
surprise you.  I have no idea how this is gonna go."

            Dorhak sighs as he glances at 
Arawn.  The one who fled to a pirate ship and 
gets captured.  The one he threatened not to get 
next time.  Now the captain wants rescue.  Dorhak 
figures Arawn will have an opinion on that.

            Raddok takes Dorhak's shield & 
weapons & sets them at his feet for the moment. 
He can carry the weapons if they move, but 
Dorhak's shield would have to be attached to his 
own - a bit awkward, even if do-able. Then again, 
they were supposed to remain here & might surely 
be being watched. He's tempted to just sit down & 
rest, but feels uncertain in this new place.

            Raddok looks around, as the others 
are doing. He feels they should be doing 
something so tosses a couple suggestions to 
Z'leyra to find what she & the others might be thinking.

            "Would this be a good time for some 
quick naps? Half can stand watch & the rest sleep 
a half-hour, then we can switch places. If not, 
how about some food & water? I'll help stand 1st 
watch, if you want. A short walk out around this 
spot might be useful." He then grinned. "I'd 
rather not have to carry all Dorhak's weapons 
though. I'm strong, but they're heavy, and I dare 
not leave any behind." He laughed, amused at 
himself. He then reached for his pack's side 
pouch, pulling out a slightly dirty cloth, and 
begins to wipe down all the weapons he is now carrying, including the shields.

            back again to Gnorf and Dwarf Elder 
Dorhak speaks, "Shall we?  Wouldn’t want that ale 
to get too warm, now, would we?"

            Gnorf waves 2 Besamar over.  He nods 
and one pats Dorhak down.  “What’s with the r

ed anyways?” Gnorf asks as he waits.

            Once checked Gnorf waves the 2 to 
follow Dorhak behind.  He speaks a few words in 
his Besamar language and glances at 2 more of his 
allies and speaks more words.  As Gnorf leads 
Dorhak into village with 2 escorts the other 2 
take the raider horses into camp.

            Gnorf stops at a campfire and checks 
a casket and pours himself some ale. He grunts, 
“got warm! Now the sun will warm it more...best 
during the night cool down.”  He grunts and places the mug on the barrel.

            He leads Dorhak to a large hut of 
wood and thatch.  He raises a hand and tells 
Dorhak to wait.  He then enters the hut after asking permission.

            Dorhak watches around as the horses 
are taken to the side and gear unloaded.  A 
couple villagers search the bags and probably 
dicker on new loot?  One examines the horses to see how fit they are.

         [Time: 5:17 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            Gnorf finally exits and waves Dorhak 
entry.  Dorhak enters the dark hut and wonders if 
this elder will be wearing a loin cloth as 
well.  Before Gnorf closes the door and leaves he 
whispers, “we are healers.  I notice your group 
has wounds if you need help?”  Then he closes the door.

            Dorhak takes a few seconds to adjust 
to the darkness.  Then notices a being stir in 
the corner.  A candle is then lit and the captain 
sees a non-bearded dwarf.  This one does have a 
few gray hairs but is definitely older than the ones outside.

         “I am Burl Oakenheart.  Step forward so 
I can get better look.  Why the red ?We in this 
land aren't..as colorful. Gnorf tells me your 
story.  But I want to hear it in your words.  How 
you got here.  The dealing with the dead 
man.  The raiders and this stolen item.  What 
makes the item so special you come here for?”

            Dorhak cringes inwardly on the book.  Why it was even mentioned?

            Outside Fremea considers flying to 
the hut to listen in or stay to watch the 
party.  By now the villager guards have entered 
the village.  While two stand watching the party 
they go about their business.  Some see Gnorf 
greet a couple female Besamar.  These wear 
flowers in hair and like the men wearing loin 
cloths wear only a leather or cloth bikini 
suit.  Some of the villages are slightly obese 
and Dorhak figures they are lazy but maybe this is their way.

            The elder sits up and grabs a mug of 
tea.  He goes to stoke the now coal fire pit to 
get some fire going.  “If you satisfy me your 
group will be allowed in the village.  We will 
deal with things after.”  The fire flares up as 
he places a bot of tea to warm up on a pole over 
the firepit.  How this place doesn't burn down 
with all the fire and thatch is a wonder but also 
shows good craftsmanship of the fire pit to avoid blowback.

            Looking around Dorhak can tell the 
elder is a stone mason based on his tools and his 
hands.  He can't tell if he is a rune master as 
little clues are around.  The hut is small with 
bed, small table, cupboards and cabinets.

            The Elder moves to a rickety chair 
and motions for Dorhak to sit if he wants.  He 
folds his hands on his lap and waits.

            A young female moves and carries a 
couple mugs and a bucket on her head.  She moves 
to the party and offers water if needed.  Raddok 
translates and wonders if the water is a trap?

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update...Wednesday or Friday?

         GM: A short update needing mainly 
Dorhak's input.  Will try to do update Wed or Fri 
depending on time.  Thanks to all those who came 
to the Discord server its fun to see the new 
folks from the pnp list come in.  The activity is 
also nice for a good start.  Feel free to post 
and do stuff there on your own.

         GM: Damage

                     Player              Damage
                 Barbosa         16+4+1+5 [Unclear fully, Revived]
                 Unali                   6
                 Raddok          1 [1 Healing]
                 Arawn                   5
               Z'leyra           4

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