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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate

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         Game Update #112 sequence (file #852)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
                 <OOC - Discord is great idea. 
Use it for a few things myself already. My vote 
is yes for the return of Don - always fun to have 
returning people. Hello to the new person>

                  Fremea sees all the new lights 
and wonders if she should go to the 

            GM: Ack. Yeah I'm on a lot of 
discords.  Its good for like sharing pics or 
quick notes. But I don't read every single channel due to time. :<

            From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
                 Kiet’s busy trying to finish off 
a snake.  He’s busy with that 

                 In Marentian, Kiet speaks out "My people are known to travel 

            GM: Ack.

            From Chris: [Re: joining game]
                 <OOC - Hi everybody and well 
met.   My name is Chris, and I am new to the 
PBEM.  Thank you all for keeping this game alive 
and for allowing me to join.   I'm still working 
on my application, and just getting as much 
information digested as possible.  This is a 
massive world, and I have so much to learn.
Mr. Adams is helping me with my character, as 
well.   It has been so long time since I have 
played the game, I really feel nervous.  I played 
when I was a kid, and to be honest we didn't know 
what we were doing back then... LOL.
Thank you again and hopefully will be chatting more with you all soon!>
            GM: Ack. First no mr adams stuff! 
Make me feel old! :) Scott or Longshot is fine. 
:) No need to be nervous.  99% of pbem is pure 
role playing.  1% is the character sheet 
stuff.  The sheet is there to guide but its 
mostly rping. :)  Did you get my last email 
asking if you want to do pc or me? Since in 
discord now if want to chat let me know voice or 
via DM/email.  Welcome aboard!  As to the app its 
only 4-5 basic questions.  I've used the info 
only for google searches in case a player fades away and can't find them. :)

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 [I already have over a dozen 
discord channels, which I mostly don't use, 
except for FXIV & ESO. It's a great way to ask 
questions & keep in touch, & easy to link into 
other sites, such as the P&P website. My vote is 
yes. I assume the game itself goes on per email, 
as before? Also, I have an apartment inspection 
coming up Monday, so am going to be busy.]

                 {my apologies - you can change 
snake-spiders to snake-apes - or not - I had 
forgotten & Raddok had the creepy-crawlies 
anyway, so maybe that's what he felt they were like – lol}

                 Raddok is willing to go along 
with the offered compromise & hopes 

                 “Has that snake been found yet, Kiet? It's creepy that you 

            GM: Ack.  Yes game will be here still 
on list.  Discord is meant for ooc or general chit-chat or questions.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak is completely embarrassed 
to have to stoop so low as to 

                 To Gnorff, he shifts back to 
Dwarf Elder.  "Good lad.  We'll be 

            GM: Ack.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 Following Dorhak's instructions 
Z'leyra sheaths her sword and 

            GM: Ack.

            From John: [Re: Welcome to Chris]
                 Welcome aboard, Chris! Looking 
forward to interacting in the game. And no need 
to be nervous. It took me a bit to adjust to the 
game again as well. But I'm sure Scott and 
everyone else will help you out. Just focus on 
RPing and I'm sure you'll be fine:)
            GM: Ack. Yep now your one of the most 
active players!  To the others John is dealing 
with Flu so a bit unable to post for now.  He 
will return once health comes back to him.

            From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
                 Kiet will help tie the prisoners and hoist them on the horses.

                 "Aye, Cap'n."
            GM: Ack.

            From Raddok: [Re: Welcome to Chris]
                 [Welcome, Chris! Glad to have 
you with us. I'm pretty new here, too - this is 
my 1st PBeM game with the group. Long been a fan 
of the game & its world, & very happy to find fellow fans.]

                 Raddok is greatly relieved at 
Dorhak's orders (Yay for having 

            GM: Ack.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 Pyan considers Dorhak's words. Pyan considered himself quite 

            GM: Ack.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 Z'leyra offers to play as the 
quiet female bodyguard type for this trip
onshore. This will allow her to have her chain on under her cloak and to
have her various weapons, mostly concealed under her cloak.
            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 "You may as well wait until 
after we make the deals.  I would 

            GM: Ack.

            From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
                 Fremea sat listening to all the back and forth on what to 

                 Fremea does make an offer 
though, "I can transmute some paper, 

            GM: Ack. Look like a dwarf yes but 
getting the mass of a dwarf would be hard.  Your too skinny. :)

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]

         [Time: 4:45 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            Fremea sees all the new lights and 
wonders if she should go to the cave and warn 
everyone, but then realizes that could be a bad 
thing also, because she would remove her surprise 
for just in case. She gets close to the cave to 
find out what is going. Before she does, she 
makes sure her invis is still good.

            As she nears, she can hear more of 
that language, and then the translation comes 
outside. It seems that they are wanting to check 
all arrows. She doesn't remember if she shot 
through the portal, but is pretty sure she 
didn't, however it would be best to not make 
herself known at this time and instead flies back 
up to a good place to rest on the trees and watch things.

            Kiet’s busy trying to finish off a 
snake.  He’s busy with that because he doesn’t want to get bitten!

            But he hears the funny looking dwarf 
say something that simply can’t be true.  His 
neck cracks as he snaps his head around to look 
at the smooth faced visitor.  It can’t be.  It’s 
the stuff of whispers, rumors and legends.  The Eastern Lands?

            There were rumors about red skinned 
slaves, but Kiet didn’t lend any credence to 
them.  Certainly there were no mention of 
dwarves, especially follicle challenged ones.

            In Marentian, Kiet speaks out "My 
people are known to travel to this land to take slaves and trade."

            Dorhak listens to Kiet a bit absently 
and this also seems to confirm the notion that Lemasans here are raiders.

            Kiet begins to get upset he can't 
find the snake.  It is no where near the bags or 
horses.  He wonders if the thing found a small hole to venture into?

            Raddok is willing to go along with 
the offered compromise & hopes others agree. 
Although he doesn't want to carry an unconscious 
man, he thinks he wouldn't mind dragging one tied 
up in a blanket. He grins in anticipation - 
head-first or feet-first? Nah - he's better not 
let the head drag -better his backside or belly. 
He wonders if someone could wake up, & if his 
sheathed weapons would be in the dragged raider's 
range - not good. Better be tied up first & a 
sling made from a rope over chest & under 
shoulders, with raider's hands tied behind the 
back maybe? He could loop the sling & wear one end at waist/hip level.

            Thinking about it, how many were 
there to be carried? Maybe just sling them over 
the horses & tie hands & feet to stirrups or 
under horse's belly. Then don't have to carry at 
all; horses could even carry two of the 
blighters, if necessary - much better idea! He 
speaks up. "May we sling these raiders over their 
horses, & tie them to the saddles - they can't 
escape if they wake up, & we'll get you back to 
your home faster. I'll be glad to lead a horse or 
two." He sheathes his mace & shield in 
preparation. As he does, he spots the ring on his 
finger & decides quickly that he'll forget it 
exists - for the time being. He sends a brief 
prayer to the gods in general that the hidden 
party members stay well out of sight, if Dorhak doesn't call them in.

            "Has that snake been found yet, Kiet? 
It's creepy that you can't find it." Despite 
himself, Raddok feels the hair along his neck & spine start to rise.

            Dorhak is completely embarrassed to 
have to stoop so low as to speak his sacred 
language to, to, a heretic.  Debasing.  But at 
least it worked. He didn’t want to harm these people over a misunderstanding.

            To Gnorff, he shifts back to Dwarf 
Elder.  "Good lad.  We'll be along after we sort out these thieves."

            In Marentian, he calls out to the 
group "All right!  We have some work to 
do.  Z'leyra, would you talk to the horses and 
let them know we will need them to haul their 
former masters.  Kiet!  You, Mournath and anybody 
else that knows how to tie things up do so with 
the prisoners on the horses.  I’ll be double 
damned if I’m gonna haul them on my back!  The 
rest of you help hoist them on the horses."

            where did that little faerry get off to.  Hmmmm.

            "Looks like we are going to go meet some new friends."

            Following Dorhak's instructions 
Z'leyra sheaths her sword and goes to talk to the 
horses and deal with their tack and how to tie 
the prisoners on the backs of the horses.

            Gnorf leans toward Dorhak, “glad you 
agree.  We will wait outside.”  He then whispers 
a bit low, “all female humans you live with 
are..like that?” He nods to Z'leyra and motions 
with hands noticing a figure of muscles and using 
heavy arms.  “Our females are bit more..docile.”

            To Z'leyra the horses grumble as best 
a horse can.  They complain they were due a rest 
after a long day of moving.  But after a couple 
minutes Z'leyra convinces them to finally agree.

            Kiet will help tie the prisoners and hoist them on the horses.

            "Aye, Cap'n."

            At least their are horses to carry the dead weight.

            Kiet uses his teamster skills to best fit the men on the horses.

            Raddok is greatly relieved at 
Dorhak's orders (Yay for having those horses!) & 
joins Z'leyra, using his teamster skills to 
assist in securing the sleeping raiders to the 
horses, and watching the ground around his & the 
horses' feet for the elusive snake.

            Pyan considers Dorhak's words. Pyan 
considered himself quite good a knot tying back 
home but seeing the sailors working the rigging 
he's not so sure of his skills.... He decides help tie up the prisoners.

            For Pyan he helps greatly by storing 
gear and hauling the sleepers to the horses in main cave.

            "You may as well wait until after we 
make the deals.  I would wonder why so many 
foreigners from a ship had horses so quickly, 
especially good horses." Dorhak replies to Raddok on the horses.

            Fremea sat listening to all the back 
and forth on what to do. She wondered if she 
should speak up on anything, but really didn't 
have any ideas that would help out, so she stayed 
silent. One thing she could agree upon though is 
that she would definitely be better off as a 
silent scout and watcher for when the action was 
needed rather than with the party directly. She 
thought it would be interesting to disguise 
herself as a dwarf, knowing she could get the look of one, but never the smell.

            Besides if she did that, she would 
not be able to have any of her things with her, 
so being unseen is much better. Of course she 
will have to be careful too and make sure she is 
watching Unali's back at the same time, though shouldn't be too difficult.

            Finally she spots the weird no-beard 
dwarf leave the cave and order his allies to 
group up in a circle around cave.  She uses this 
chance to enter back into the cave. Unseen.

            Fremea does make an offer though, "I 
can transmute some paper, or a plant into looking 
like shackles that can even make the right noise 
for shackles, but would be easy to rip off or 
break out of. That way no one would mistake them or see through them."

            Over the next 10-15 minutes the party 
goes to move prisoners to horses and pack their 
bags.  It is quickly learned that best to place 
men on horses outside as the cave entrance is too 
small and they'd fall off.  The cave is then 
cleared out of gear and items left behind.

            Kiet does one finally pass with 
lantern for that elusive snake but figures it escaped.

            Outside Dorhak frowns.  While Dorhak 
carries mace and shield and is dressed in a light 
part of tunic and pants the other Besamar here 
are all men in loin cloths!  He hopes they don't 
bend or wind reveals things – especially if they 
are hairless up top they may be hairless all over the body!  Disgusting.

            These dwarves are carrying clubs and 
spears and at least 2 are carrying 
crossbows.  Dorhak notices a lot more than 
expected and realizes that must be the 
reinforcements Fremea mentioned.  But they look 
more like farmers than warriors.

         [Time: 5:02 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            With prisoners ready to be 
transported and party has all weapons sheathed – 
except Fremea who is yet to be seen – the party moves out.

            Gnorf leads the way and the group is 
lead through light forest away from the cave.  As 
the terrain begins to lower its angle it becomes 
more flat and less prone to chaotic terrain of 
obstacles that can be tripped on.

                 [Time: 5:37 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

                    During the trip the Lemasans 
wake up and try to struggle but are prevented from escape easily.

            The Besamar have been quiet as they 
carry torches and surround the party. By now 
Fremea is visible but avoids being seen as she 
flies from tree to tree. Finally a couple of 
lights are seen in the distance as the party 
nears Gnorfs village.  The village is probably 3 
or 4 dozen huts.  There are two more Besamar 
dwarves on patrol watching the village. But it 
seems like the village is asleep.

            Gnorf raises a hand and ends up about 
a mile away.  “Far enough!   We will take the 
horses and prisoners.  Since you refuse to remove 
arms you will remain here.  Who will enter the 
village with me?  That representative will be 
required to disarm.  This is for our safety of our families.”

            As the dwarves take the horses and 
prisoners into the village Gnorf waits for a 
reply.  The party watches the dwarves quietly 
take the horses and move to a medium sized hut. 
Probably a make shift prison or shack for 
supplies.  The prisoners are tossed inside and 4 guards are posted.

            Gnorf becomes impatient, “my ale is 
getting warm!  Hurry up and decide!”

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update...Saturday?

         GM: Wanted to do more But its almost 2am 
and I'm sleepy.  :) Wanted to get this out so I'm 
done.  I noticed 3 posts never came to me for 
some reason the last 3 on archives.  Not sure 
why.  So if you sent a email or post and I never 
got it let me know.  Looks like we have several 
already on discord.  I hope all who want to be 
there can.  I'll try next update Saturday since 
this will be out Tuesday technically.  Also 
wanted to mention with my niece who lives with me 
back to college she may use my pc for work. That 
could delay updates.  But we shall see. Welcome Chris to game!

         GM: Damage

                     Player              Damage
                 Barbosa         16+4+1+5 [Unclear fully, Revived]
                 Unali                   6
                 Raddok          1 [1 Healing]
                 Arawn                   5
               Z'leyra           4

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