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 From Dorhak.  Remember lis tis back up now.

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>Captain Dorhak ignores Raddok for the moment thinking about his 
>comments.  The good dwarf doesn't have any idea what to do about his 
>concerns, so begins to bark orders out on things he can do something about.
>"Mournath!  Veer away from the ship ahead. Let's not cut close to 
>them, but make sure they can't swim or grapple with us."
>he is very satisfied with the result on that ship.  That little 
>faerry is useful to have around after all, even with the annoyingly 
>silly jokes she plays.  So far so good.
>but then Finn calls out his reading of the signal flag from the ship 
>aft.  A prisoner?  Dorhak looks around and counts noses, knowing 
>that Fremea is to the fore, and only one other person is missing.  Arawn!
>Dorhak loudly exclaims a single syllable word that none were taught 
>by the magic language item. Then, in Marentian, he says "That can 
>only be that freakishly tall elf!  I gave orders that he go forward, 
>not aft!  I'll see him in chains for disobeying orders!  Now he's 
>put everyone on this ship in danger.  By Dvallin I'll see him in 
>that cage we have below!"  He is obviously very, VERY angry.
>"Z'leyra!  And the rest of you!  Gather up."
>"my intent is to take what we can from the ship ahead, if we think 
>we can do so without much peril.  I think we have some time to 
>figure that out.  If we must, we sink the ship or burn it to the 
>water line.  I also need options on what we can do about that stupid 
>elf.  I'm strongly considering leaving him behind on general principle."

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