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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #56 sequence (file #499)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Did Dorhak see Arawn go to stern against ship A?
            GM: Ack.  Never saw him move forward 
as ordered but stayed in rear and went after Ship B.  Can flog him later. :)

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
Raddok explains to Dorhak about his concern about 
something happening at the bottom of the ship, 
but admits it's only because he didn't see the 
cowardly pirate resurface after diving overboard. 
He has no evidence there's anything wrong.

                 (If the Captain doesn't respond, 
he'll tell Dorhak he will ask Kiet or Z'leyra aft 
wards if they have a spell to check the sea below the ship)
                 (If no alternative order given, the following action occurs:)

                 Raddok has spotted the two 
magic-users aft, & Ix up front, &...
            GM: Ack.

            From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
                 Yes, set Sails aflame with her 
fire arrows, then if she sees anything she can 
shot at that can catch fire fast, she will shoot 
that, otherwise the people on the ship. Then if 
she needs to recast, she will go with multi arrow 
to just bombard the deck of the ship hard. And keep invis up at all times.
            GM: Ack.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]

                 hearing concerns about other 
pirates below the water line Z'leyra Orients 
herself at EL0 then casts a Detection spell at 
EL3 through her staff to Detect for other Humanoids underwater.
                 If any are detected she will 
suggest to the rest that any who have some kind 
of thunderclap sound spell to cast it under the 
water to deter the underwater pirates.
            GM: Ack.  Thunder under water...hmmm

         [New Stuff]

         [Apris 27th, 1636TH]

         [Time: 2:13:51 pm]
         [Turn 16: Phase 1 - [Phase 177]]

            Fremea only a dozen feet from ship B 
scans the deck quickly.  Aside from normal mana 
sources there doesn't seem to be any great mana 
sources.  Course clothing and other objects can 
block sources.  Its not a perfect scan.

            But she did spot normal objects that 
will give her joy.  She flies softly as she can 
toward the steering wheel.  She taps the helmsman 
then floats quickly toward the platform where the 
ship's bell and an area for maps are allowed. But 
she touches the nice full oil flask and it 
disappears.  The helmsman jerks around and 
demands to know who wanted him.  The pirates 
laugh around him.  The helmsman turns back around 
unaware of what is now missing.

            Fremea then quickly flies to the 
rigging's front.  This section is mostly not seen 
by most of the crew as most are behind it.  There 
are several pirates at the fore but watching the 
Black Depths.  Fremea allocates mana for her fire arrow spell.

            She watches the glow of her bow and 
shifts her quiver.  Then from the top of the 
rigging, lucky no one is in the crows nest, she 
pours the oil down the front of the 
sails.  Backing away she fires at point blank the fire arrows.

            In 15 seconds she fires 5 arrows at 
dead center, top left/right and bottom 
left/right.  The first arrow explodes in a silent 
fire burst as it hits the oil. The sails 
immediately erupt into flame (taking 40 points 
from the 5 arrows). The oil adds to it and spreads fast.

            The pirates quickly react and run 
toward the sails.  Fearing some weapon like a 
long range balista they attempt to douse the 
fire.  Those at front aim bows but see 
nothing.  Fremea flirts up/down and side to side but is not seen.

            The captain barks orders.  Fremea 
fires one more arrow to the sails. Three of the 
pirate bowmen fire 3 arrows at her general direction but none hit her.

            Fremea moves to the back of the 
rigging.  It is almost 90%+ now in flames and almost no sail left.

            Fremea first the last of her fire 
arrows before the spell ends.  This finishes off 
the sails and there is nothing left of the 
cloth.  The rigging also begins to creak and moan under the fire damage.

            Fremea then floats safely away.  The 
pirates are clearly upset now their sails are 
gone.  Just then as 3 pirates try to climb down 
to the deck from the rigging to douse flames the 
rigging cracks.  Top third of the rigging shears 
off and falls forward.  The three pirates slam fast into the deck.

            Fremea laughs.  This odd laugh 
catches ears of pirates and they begin to panic 
but the captain's iron hand – voice not actual iron – quells that.

            Fremea aims her bow after casting her 
multiple arrow spell on it at the captain.  The 
single arrow goes wild and the captain jumps 
away.  She curses under her breath.  Then recasts 
the spell moving away from any possible random fire.

            This time the arrow shoots out and 
divides itself into 6 additional clones.  She 
aims for the captain and 2 others.  But at the 
last second the other 2 dash forward to help the 
pirates who slammed to the deck.  Of the 7 arrows 
3 miss but 4 hit doing 19 points of damage.  The 
captain shocked looks down to his chest and then 
at the sky.  He coughs up blood and falls over dead.

            Over the next 12 seconds she flirts 
back and forth selecting groups.  The first 
volley only 1 man is hit while others 
dodge.  Pirate #7 takes 3 of the arrows doing 19 points of damage killing him.

            Second volley fires on pirates 36 and 
37.  For #36 he takes a 5 point arrow.  For 
pirate #37 5 arrows hit while 1 missing.  The 
damage is enough to kill him unlike his partner.

            The third volley flies toward a group 
of 3.  Four arrows fly toward #22, 1 at #23 and 2 
at #24.  Pirate #22 is hit by 3 arrows doing 
enough to kill him. Pirate #23 avoids one arrow 
but is hit by another for 7 points.

            The last volley is fired on pirate 
#35-#37.  Four arrows fly toward #35 is hit by 2 
of the 4 arrows doing enough damage to kill 
him.  The next pirate is killed by 2 more arrows 
while the 3rd escapes the volley.

            In the span of almost  a full minute 
the ship is disabled, 6 pirates are dead and 2 are wounded.

         [Time: 2:14:56 pm]
         [Turn 20: Phase 3 - [Phase 196]]


         [Time: 2:13:51 pm]
         [Turn 16: Phase 1 - [Phase 177]]

         [Moments before ship does a full stop not by choice.]

            Inside the hallway leading to the 
stairs to the top deck two man stand in the 
darkness staring at the bright stairs nearby.

            “What happened?  Did we hit something?”

            The man dressed in loose fitting tan 
and brown tunic and pants shakes his head.  His 
green eyes blaze with excitement, “no.  He is here.”

            “Why not warn them?”

            “It would do no good the ignorant 
fools.  Now hush I need to concentrate.” He pulls 
his left sleeve back and twirls his hand.  The 
green gem begins to glow and the man's eyes glaze over.

            Arawn floats around the rigging and 
slows his pace magically, scanning the  pirates 
for non-normal magical sources.  There must be 
30-35 pirates easy on deck. Clearly trained as 
marines.  He notices 2 parrots on railings 
clenching hard not to fall over.  Yet there does 
not seem to be any magical senses on deck in 
plain sight not blocked by obstacles.

            “Now to call my friends close..” The 
brazen man says near the stairs.

            Arawn casts his sonic destruction at 
the rigging.  The moment of surprise is about to 
end by the noise that never comes.  Arawn recasts 
it again and the noise hits the rigging in a 
small cone form his hands.  Even though he is 
invisible the noise floating around in circles 
spoils the location mystery.  Over the next 10 seconds he blasts the rigging.

            Over those few seconds the pirates 
draw bow and arrows and fire at the strange 
noise.  Nine arrows fly toward him 2 hit but 
bounce off but 3 do make contact by sheer 
luck.  Two bounce off his armor but one hits him 
in the left shoulder doing 4 points.

            Arawn sees the rigging shows sign of 
damage but still standing.  He recasts it once 
more.  But for the first few seconds he aims at 
the bowmen.  Of the 7 in cone of fire the sonics 
destroy 6 of the bows and damaging the 7th.

            Arawn turns to the rigging to finish 
up.  The first set of damage crumbles the 
rigging.  It shakes, rumbles and collapses onto 3 pirates.

            Arawn turns to the helmsman and the 
wheel in hopes to destroy it.  But the blow goes 
wild and only destroys a few floor boards.

            Arawn casts his God's eyes spell and 
removes the wood from his view.  He moves to the 
rear and goes from left to right, right to left 
to scan all of the ship.  This will take some time.

            The man in the stairs climbs slowly 
the steps.  Little time is left. As the crew 
panics on where this intruder is and the wreckage 
of the rigging he nears the top.  He smiles 
through his mind's eye he can see Arawn moving 
fast toward his general area.  Thanks to his 
friends high in the sky not seen but who can see 
invisible folks then give that info to him – his accuracy is good.

            He gestures and murmurs a few 
words.   His range should be just 
sufficient.  Thanks to him the pirates will not 
be in the way making Arawn a good target.  But the spell fails.

            But not the second time.  From hidden 
in the shadows of the stairs a fire dart shoots 
right at Arawn.  Actually not at him but where 
he'll be in about 2 seconds based on the pattern 
he has set.  He is hit by flame for 24 
points.  Smoke begins to shoot behind him and 
archers raise bow.  But this is enough damage to 
knock him out.  Arawn goes crashing into the deck 
midships.  Blackness takes him.

            If that arrow hadn't hit him Arawn would be conscious.

            The clever wizard who had advance 
warning of this attack by his Seer-whore exits 
proudly by the stairs.  This time with glowing 
red hands smirks.  Crew rush to the smoking body 
of Arawn.  “Don't kill this one!”  The captain 
yells.  The wizard doesn't care as rigging can be 
replaced torture for revenge is so dry.

            The wizard kneels over Arawn and his 
glowing hands look like blazing suns. “I said 
no.  Your sister's is in our debt.”  The wizard 
looks up at the Captain with a sneer.  Always his 
sister as leverage.  The wizard stands and grabs 
a pirate and places the hands on his chest and 
the pirate dies instantly. Captain shrugs as a 
pirate is easy to replace.  A good prisoner is not.

            Captain orders his crew to take Arawn in custody.

         [Time: 2:14:56 pm]
         [Turn 20: Phase 3 - [Phase 196]]


         [Time: 2:13:51 pm]
         [Turn 16: Phase 1 - [Phase 177]]

            Raddok explains to Dorhak about his 
concern about something happening at the bottom 
of the ship, but admits it's only because he 
didn't see the cowardly pirate resurface after 
diving overboard. He has no evidence there's anything wrong.

            Dorhak doesn't seem to hear Raddok or 
doesn't feel worried.  He keeps turning to 
Mournath and grinning playing this silly chicken game.

            Raddok tells Dorhak he'll ask Kiet or Z'leyra.

            Raddok has spotted the two 
magic-users aft, & Ix up front, & thinks his odds 
of getting help better with the pair, so runs aft 
to speak to them. He feels stressed because he 
cannot go himself, for then he might not be 
available to use the ring when the ships arrive - 
& there would be nothing to see if something that 
could be set off with a spell was attached to the 
exterior hull. He hates interrupting what the two 
might be planning, but asks both if either had a 
spell to see if anything could be happening below 
the ship, since that pirate that dove overboard 
never resurfaced. He admits he's afraid of some 
kind of explode-able device being set. He quickly 
adds he needs to be on deck to use the magic ring 
to catch the pirates' sails on fire, & he can't 
swim hardly at all. He asks if it's possible that 
they know a way to find out if there's a sense of danger below ships or not.

He waits, on tenterhooks, for an answer, his 
concern caught between disrupting their plans & 
how far he had to run to get back to the shelter 
of the lockers. Like the Captain, the magician & 
shaman (who's also 1st Mate) might have larger 
concerns right now. He doesn't believe any 
ordinary visual inspection of the bowels of the 
ship would find any device attached to the hull 
outside. He adds, with a worried sigh, that they 
really needed a smart fish to go check it out.

            Z'leyra explains she'll try.  Moving 
to the rails she casts a orient spell and then a 
detection spell.  She first checks port side and 
leans over the side to check for any humans but 
finds none unless spell fails.  Then she moves to 
starboard and does same thing.  But sees nothing but water.

            Then Kiet is heard to hoot in glee.

            Everyone turns to front of ship and 
sees the Ship A showing signs of fire. Black oily 
smoke rises form its sails.  Dorhak grumbles that must be where Fremea is now.

            Then Zepp yells to Dorhak. “Aft ship 
is flagging they have captured a prisoner to Fore ship!”

            Kiet hears this and cringes.  Did Arawn get caught?

            Corona then flies low and reports the 
coward pirate diver is to the port about 200 feet and swimming to shore.

         [Time: 2:14:56 pm]
         [Turn 20: Phase 3 - [Phase 196]]

            Ship B to rear is now falling behind 
at 1,594 feet away.  Ship A is now only 420 feet 
away but with no sails it will only be navigating 
by water currents.    IN fact it may not allow 
fast turns and Mournath notes this.

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Saturday ?

         GM: That was fun!  Arawn wanted more fun 
challenges and hard stuff to happen.   So I 
helped out. :) We've long passed the simple 
pirates at these player levels.   So some clever 
Wizard can use this to his advantage.  Ship B 
will be in only 2 phases for bow range (300 
feet).  I will go back to 2 phases from now on 
instead of 19 phases for the above.  At this 
speed unless ship B turns away pirate ship will 
meet close within 5 phases or so.  Ship is moving 
at 60 feet per second but other ship is only 
using water currents so nominal.  Keep in mind 
List is still down so send anything to me in 
email.  I'll post it on my site when I can for 
reactions.  You can reply all to the CCs as 
well.   I wanted to do more but I've been sick 
this  last week for the first time in 7-8 
years.  So I may not do a update tue/wed. I may 
just chill and recover.  Will try maybe Saturday.

         GM: Arawn: - Arawn – Basic mana sensing 
would be blocked by stairs so would not have seen 
wizard.  If had used god's eyes first it'd be 
worse for wizard.  You are still alive for now 
but knocked out.  Arrow got lucky on basic rolls that wasn't planned.

            Fremea – Down to 5-6 arrows (no new 
ones bought :<), 4 magical arrows, 1 elf and 2 
elven arrows but may not want to wast them.  So 
may need to change plans. The multi arrow will be over by end of this update.

            Dorhak: New orders based on this info?

       GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or less
               Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

                 Character           Date         Learning          Notes
               Raddok              Mar 26th   Marentian           Success
               Pyan                Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona   Fail
               Pyan                Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona   Success
               Kiet                Apr  3rd   Bhamotin            Success
               Unali               Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
               Fremea              Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
                   Unali               Apr  19th   Cerulean from Arawn Success
                   Raddok            Apr  22nd    Cerulean from Arawn Success
                 Raddok              Apr  23rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                 Raddok              Apr  24rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                 Raddok              Apr  25rd    Fomorian from Unali Failure
                 Raddok              Apr  26th    Fomorian from Unali Success

         GM: Watch Assignments:

                 First  ( 7-10pm) - Dorhak, Raddok, Ix
                 Second (10- 1am) - Arawn, Mae, Pyan
                 Third  ( 1- 4am) - Fremea, Z'leyra, Mournath
                 Fourth ( 4- 7am) - Unali, Kiet, Barbasa

            GM: Spells

                     Player         Spell  EL  Start   Duration ends  Cast #
                  Arawn  Flight        Max 2:13:36 2:16:48                   1
                  Fremea Invisibility  Max 2:11:00 2:14:00            2
                  Z'leyra        Clairvoyance 
Max 2:13:00 4:13:00                   1

            GM: Record keeping

                    Player             Notes 
                   Arawn                 Scale, 
Bow, Shield, Sw, Dagger, Helm, Wand   Aft
                   Dorhak                Armor*, 
Mace/Shield, Dagger, Sword                Amidships
                   Fremea                Leather, 
Bow, Dagger, Sword                         Flying
                   Kiet          Leather*, 
Dagger, Bulwark, Shield, Helm, Wand Aft
                   Ix            Leather, Helm, 
Sword, Bow, Dagger                   Front
Crossbow, Quilted, Dagger                          Amidships
                   Mournath              Leather, 
Spear, Knives                             Wheel
                   Raddok                Grt Sw, 
Dagg, Quilted/Leather, Helm         Amidships
                   Unali         Many daggers, 
Sling, Armor, Helm, Bow      Amid-ship
                   Z'leyra               Chain 
Armor, Staff, Great Sword, Helm, Bow  Aft

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