[pnpgm] Update #56 Raddok

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Tue Jan 29 19:41:32 CET 2019

[Time: 2:15 pm]

Raddok is relieved that Z'leyra has a spell to check the outside hulls. When she reports finding nothing, he is even more relieved & thanks her for the effort & starts back to midship at a brisk clip, for the shelter of the lockers. He scans the sea forward and back & sees fire erupting from the sails of both pirate vessels, and part of the masted rigging falling on the one to the fore.
He feels a mix of both chagrin and relief that his primary targets for his first try at magic (using his new ring) have already been hit. As he reaches the partial shelter of the lockers, he re-thinks his targets - perhaps aim toward mid-ship masts or where pirate crew massed? He shudders a bit thinking of burning bodies. Then he hears Kepp's shout to the Captain about a prisoner on the ship to their fore, and turns that way sharply. Where was Arawn? 

Raddok decides not to fire his ring at that ship - he can't risk hurting a friend - he will focus on two prominent targets on the fast-approaching ship aft - perhaps the steering wheel and midships? Whatever will hurt most, he grimaces to himself, & he absently slides his great sword slightly in & out of its sheath. He would fire the ring twice just before the pirate ship reached them, when no further than 60 feet away - perhaps closer for good measure, and he practiced aiming his hand while half-hidden. Then his sword would come into action. 

He smiled grimly, ducking enough to protect himself from archers. "Hmm," he thinks. "Archers would be good targets, if the ring can reach them. But I need to hit the ship, too." He watches it approach best as he can, hidden as he was amidship.

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