[pnpgm] Game Update #52

John Haight sang_real at msn.com
Tue Jan 8 19:41:42 CET 2019


   Sorry for the late reply to this post. This season has been an exhausting one to the point that I didn't check my email in almost a month.


   Seeing Fremea take off towards one of the ships Arawn decided to address the other. Several options flashed through his mind but he made his decision quickly.

   "If someone can bring my armament to the deck I'm going to see about slowing down the other ship."

   [Flight (Max EL) followed by Invisibility (Max EL using Sidh Tongue to boost) and head towards the other ship. Will recast Flight and Invisibility before duration expires if needed.
   Once near the ship he'll cast Friendly Current (Max EL, using Wand and Elder Water Tongue. Recast without Elder Water Tongue if needed) to oppose/slow down the pirate ship. Once this is done he'll cast Sonic Destruction (Max EL using Sidh Tongue to boost) on the sail/rigging/mast to further cripple the vessel.]

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