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Mon Jan 7 01:19:11 CET 2019

Since folks mention cover...

I never detailed this..

Front of ship.
Right starboard - Rowboat small cover maybe 4-5 feet off deck so gotta duck.
Left Port Side/Right Starboard ropes - can be only usually 2-3 feet 
tall so not much cover.
Stairs - Has 3 sided walls.  Could use said walls slightly.
Rigging - Up about 4-5 feet up so no cover below knees. Can us sails 
as cover but not hard cover.
Crows nest - 4-5 feet tall so have ot duck for cover.

Lockers - Tallest locker is 4 feet off deck.  Water barrels or other 
barrels maybe 5.
Could move barrels on top of lockers iwht force (if empty) then could 
use that cover around 8-9 feet OR if empty hide in barrel.
There are usually 2-3 empty at any one time.  Maybe half a dozen 
empty crates from hold.
Crates are 2-3 feet tall so would have ot stack.

Rear -
Steering wheel - No real cover aside form wheel house but its like 5% cover.
Ropes - Liek Forward section.

Railings Port/Starboard - 4 feet high, Side panels about that high to 
railing itslef so 4 feet  cover.
Front railings - Slant up to 7 feet at true peak of ship.  With 
panels as high as 5 feet in some places.
To prevent water splash.

Rear Railing - Since this is the poop deck literally.  No side 
panels.  Its just a 4 foot railing levitated on vertical poles.  So 
for rear no real cover.

So overall merchant ships are not meant to play hide n seek.
So not much cover sadly.

BTW Captain's quarters windows do open and so cabin gives some cover.

I think that covers it all?

Don't be surprised if I Fast Forward to JUST before missile range.
Ie 350 feet.  Since we got 3 and 5 min before ships meant it'be a lot 
of updates.
Phase 14+15
Ships getting closer..
Phase 19+20
yawn..even closer..

So will FF to about 350 range.

Bows are 300 feet at best.
hmm maybe 500?
To give reaction time if needed.
Instead of the 1500+/2k feet I said in a previous post.

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