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Just as she was about to try her luck with enthralling the tax collector,
the door slams open and she turns to glare at a mercenary, or guard
perhaps, as she realizes it might be a potential client she smiles, "Sorry
dear, occupied at the moment, give us a bit would you,"  The thoughts race
through her mind, she had been careful thus far, other than the decaying
demon, but that seems to have been lost in the normal rumor mill of the

However, she at least waits until she's finished with the tax collector and
his more than disappointing pride of his manhood and once finished, she
then opens the letter. Maelorna glares at the cat, “I don't need an
audience thank you,” as she thinks about kicking the cat. If not for it
having become the brothel's unofficial pet, she would have fed upon it long

After cleaning herself off, she reads the note and sighs before looking
about for her things. She makes sure to wear one of her better gowns as
well a cloak. Around her neck she still has the preserved eye on a silver
chain and smiles as she caresses it. Her crossbow is in it's familiar place
strapped to her back while her rucksack has her other gear inside. She
secures her dagger to the silver belt and chuckles softly as the single
strand falls down the front of the skirts of her gown.

“I'm not looking forward to this, first he slaps me, now he's asking for my
help?” she tells the cat, wondering truly if this isn't a set up and if she
will need to protect herself from him. The guard might be a valuable toy to
protect herself with and perhaps keep with her, but her promise to Arawn
doesn't make it a difficult decision, if he was there, then it was less
likely the dwarf would be trying something.

'Unless of course he's turned upon you as well my dear,' her other half
teases, 'It's not like if you do make him a thrall, the others wont care,
after all he's just a human,” she sighs, all this time and her other half
is still wanting her to make thralls, yeah that was fun, especially when
she had trouble with Zin.

Best case, this isn't a trap, worse case, she'll make do with what males
are at hand, especially if it does turn out that the dwarf is setting her

Maelorna talks briefly with the owner before setting out and pays for her
room for two months, she doesn't mind if another uses it, but she just
wants a place to come back to.

Even if it does have a pair of cats.
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