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Kiet gets the message and decides that such a summons is rather more important than the bugs in the garden.  Best not tell that to the gardener, however.  The old guy gets testy sometimes.

Not knowing what this is about, Kiet decides on what to bring with him.  The message didn't include any indication of a danger, but our group tends to attract trouble the way Kiet's plants attract bugs.

Hmmm...well, Kiet thinks he will take his riding horse into town.  It's been a long time since the horse had some good exercise.  

Kiet will keep it light, but still be armed.  Besides dressing in one of his nice sets of clothes, he also pulls on his magic boots.  Of course, it's never a good idea to leave unprepared, so he belts on his sheathed Tulwar, grabs his shield with the magic dagger in the sheath plus his other two daggers.  He thinks about it for a second, then puts on his money belt and re-tucks in his tunic.  His various pouches, one for 'stuff' like the whistles, and one for money.  Kiet also decides to bring along enough to buy a nice meal for the group if he hangs around for dinner and they don't want to eat in.  Both rings, as if they were ever off his hands, his wand, his fennel pouch he keeps under his tunic, and a nice pearl necklace visible around his neck.

Then Kiet heads out to Z'leyra's manor letting the gardener know, and to tell the cook not to bother with dinner...but does she have a small snack handy before he leaves?

Kiet rides at a brisk pace, but not really all that fast.

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