[pnpgm] Status....

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Wed Jan 17 01:51:58 CET 2018

Sadly work on Fremea's IBT taking longer than thought.  Lost time saturday.
Had hoped to start 3 hours earlier today but nope.

But I'm not even 1% done  I've done literally like 2 days of 110 days. :<

I hope to get more done tue/wed but at this rate and starting late 
and losing time.  Bleh.
Only so much I can do.

I was sick sunday for 3-4 hours sore throat tinge (minor) and temp (maybe 99?)
But was fine hours later.

I'm at 98% but energy is still depleted.

I'm hoping to start early tomorrow...if things work out.

I know Dorhak has plans to go do something.  Dor was tht email 
private? Just curious.
I'll try to email you tonight to see if we can handle this side trip.

I had hoped ot see more posts than Kiet, Dor, Bert (email), Mae.

Plans will need ot be made and can't be done in one post. :)

Wout you ok?  Sent emails few weeks back on stuff.  Hope all is good. ;)

On a side note!  I have query on a NEW player.

Stay tuned...

I rather finish IBT before doing next update.  But if things don't 
progress I can probably do a 10 line update :)

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