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   Etain shakes his head knowing the Sidh can see but not the others.


   "Your conscious recollection is unimportant, only that the memory lies hidden within your mind," Arawn informed Etain. He then turned to address Raban's thoughts on the matter of transportation.

   "That's fine if another can teleport the 200 odd miles to Samma. As for myself, my method of translocation requires precise knowledge of the location, unlike standard teleportation."

OOC: Scott, if you determine that any point in the sky and within range of Translocation qualifies for 'precise knowledge' then please assume Arawn will just move ahead with Translocating above Samma in a single jump.

   When Kiet adds his voice to the conversation Arawn turns, nodding his head and begins to walk.

   "As suggested lets get moving, or at least under cover and away from the road. We can decide while we move."

OOC: Not sure what the terrain is like but if there's little chance for cover being reached before the arrival of the pursuing group Arawn will Translocate any all willing towards the furthest seemingly unoccuppied spot that would be out of the way/range of those tracking us... assuming no one else comes up with an alternative plan or Arawn can use Translocation as mentioned above.

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