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David Sanders dasandersx at comcast.net
Wed Nov 27 04:38:05 CET 2013

Well, from what I can tell there are only five of us even semi active...none of us are likely capable of such a teleport.  So something else has to be decided.   NOW!

Kiet looks at the others and wonders with annoyance why some of the group aren't being especially helpful.  Magic users, including himself, are often temperamental...but this is getting ridiculous.

He says, "We'll, we need to decide quickly.  All I know is that I don't intend to be here when the party starts." Kiet gestures toward the approaching mob.  "We can choose to move on or fight or hide.  I can do any of the three but would prefer not to hurt those people.  Now it's too late for horses too.  So, I recommend we move along for a while...flying if we must.  Some of us can fly and take others with them.  I can run faster and longer than that, though.  Or Z'lleyra can take off that amulet and let me cast a major illusion to hide us."

He looks toward Fremea, his impatience showing, and says "What shall it be?"

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