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After being elbowed by the person standing next to him Will says "I do have
some experience with teleportation and with the proper safeguards I would
be willing to try."

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> Quote:
>    Etain shakes his head knowing the Sidh can see but not the others.
> ???
>    "Your conscious recollection is unimportant, only that the memory lies
> hidden within your mind," Arawn informed Etain. He then turned to address
> Raban's thoughts on the matter of transportation.
>    "That's fine if another can teleport the 200 odd miles to Samma. As for
> myself, my method of translocation requires precise knowledge of the
> location, unlike standard teleportation."
> OOC: Scott, if you determine that any point in the sky and within range of
> Translocation qualifies for 'precise knowledge' then please assume Arawn
> will just move ahead with Translocating above Samma in a single jump.
>    When Kiet adds his voice to the conversation Arawn turns, nodding his
> head and begins to walk.
>    "As suggested lets get moving, or at least under cover and away from
> the road. We can decide while we move."
> OOC: Not sure what the terrain is like but if there's little chance for
> cover being reached before the arrival of the pursuing group Arawn will
> Translocate any all willing towards the furthest seemingly unoccuppied spot
> that would be out of the way/range of those tracking us... assuming no one
> else comes up with an alternative plan or Arawn can use Translocation as
> mentioned above.
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