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   "Well I see a couple of different options," Arawn said. 

   "If Etain has been to Samma in the last 2 months, or a location not too far off, I can try and pull it from his thoughts, confirm it by communing with the sky spirits and divination before teleporting there.
   Or if anyone is capable of using Astral Pathways we can use that to rush the group ahead at the cost of aging and otherworldly encounters."

   "As to Etain's idea, I'm fine with that. The only thing is that I'll be limited to jumping to the edge of the horizon and it may take several jumps as I need to be familiar with or see the location I'm traveling to. Otherwise someone else will have to risk the teleport and I can work on translocating back."

   He looked back to the others, giving them time to ponder the options.

   "I'm fine with any and all. Let me know what you decide," he said to the group before stepping away to allow the others to voice their thoughts.

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