[pnpgm] Time moves...but game does not?

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Fri Nov 22 04:53:15 CET 2013

Well still no actions to act on.

So no teleport info can't teleport..

No info from Tobie on what after the teleport as requested..so 
nothing to act on..

Oh well...

Next week is Turkey day...depending on actoins for Monday..if 
any..sigh...will have 2 updates maybe..we'll see

I know some want th egmae to move but I can only do so much..
Course it does allow me to slack and use vacation time..which is 
frankly more fun :)

As to game...


The lights are now about 1 mlie away..

<insert suspenseful music here>

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