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question did little to phase Arawn as he had not arrived in disguise and the
man’s ability to see through Fremea’s disguise actually elicited a positive, if
hidden, reaction from the alfar. It made sense that a man used by the High
Elder would be competent and that meant he held the level of skill needed to
help the party. However
he did feel it was Niv’s place to ask questions based on race, but then perhaps
the man was worried about being dragged into some sort of racially or
politically motivated scheme. Keeping to a amicable and diplomatic tone he replied, his words carrying the extra weight of one who had worked hard at the arts of rhetoric and eloquence.


   “Race is
a non-issue. Why Ozon is wanted… because he is the first step in tracking down
my friend’s family. He is a but a passing character I imagine but a significant
one as he may be able to lead us to the next player in this story.”

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