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  Niv’s unspoken
concern blared like a beacon to Arawn’s rarified senses. After years of peace,
of a simple life unmolested by the complexities and dangers of his past the man
was now once again faced with them. Without the luxury of a period to brace
himself his trepidation was high and the alfar doubted the barrage of
linguistically masked conversation was helping to put him to ease.


the others engaged Niv’s attention Arawn took a moment to kneel down, facing
Fremea as if seeking to reassure a child. He spoke loud enough to be heard
encouraging her to speak with the farmer before rising back to his feet,
following after the farmer as he led them to food and shelter.



you so much for the hospitality,” he said, speaking in Marentian once it became
clear that this was a language all present could speak and understand.


  “And I
appreciate your directness. I believe that you mean what you say and that you
can be trusted or we would not have been sent to you.

   In the
end it is her parents we hope to find but to do so there are specific
individuals we must seek first, those of a nature that may have allowed them to
cross your path or those once associated with you. But I feel our charge should
be the one to speak with you for it is her story to share, the rest of us bound
to help her in any way we can.”



   “If you would be so kind as to hear her out I think
you will receive the information needed to aid us. It should not prove
complicated and once done we can leave so that you and your family can return
to peaceful life you have created for yourself here."

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