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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #41 in sequence (file #158)

      Admin Notes: None.

        From Kiet: [Re: Niko]
          Niko will be needed for the whole time in town...he can go
          home once we get a place to stay.  If we have to hoof it
          somewhere, then he would come along.  I don't know the exact
          amount of time we are talking about yet.

          Normally, when we go somewhere, Niko can stay outside with
          the stuff.
        GM: Ack. Right.  Any damage to him is a fine print clause too
            as well.  So if say death occurs you might have to compensate
            his family for any expenses ie funeral, etc.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          After Kiet leaves the tavern he smiles about his ...

          After he sees Raban shake his head Kiet looks up at his tall
          friend and says "What?  Remember where I am from.  Have ...
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          While the others had sat around waiting for Niv...

          "A simpler piece to be sure but it's not without its ...
        GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 10:50am]

            During the time exploring the city before the meeting
          with Niv is done many take the chance to explore their
          interests from the markets to herb shops.  Not much
          is found beyond the normal and common stuff.

            At one point Arawn notices a temple of Morrigan and
          leaves the group to enter.  A priest is there doing
          some minor work to pew repairs.  The place is empty and
          open to the daylight.  It is a medium sized place but
          there are a few relics of the religion.  Nothing of
          spectacular design. The priest is kind but is in his 50s
          and shows that he is mostly doing the pew work to keep
          busy.  The temple probably gets little daily visits.  But
          Arawn can't tell.  Who knows in an hour it could be packed
          standing room only.

            The priest does stop his work as Arawn asks a few questions
          and seeks a quick prayer.  Then Arawn approaches the altar
          and lights two candles which is the ritual and burns some
          incense.  The priest explains that here in the city they use
          the water bowl to sprinkle just a bit of water on the altar
          to symbolize safety in the water.

          [Time: 11:45am - 12:30pm]

            While the others had sat around waiting for Niv Arawn
          had disappeared for a time, wandering the streets of the
          city before finally making his way back to the area of the
          tavern. He took a moment to visit the nearby shops, lingering
          over the various pastries of the bakery on the lookout for
          interesting local treats before checking out the poetry shop,
          collecting a few choice collections for him to study.

            Later, after rejoining the others, Arawn sat in silence as
          Niv shared his news. He jotted down a few notes including the
          names of the contacts shared by the smuggler turned farmer
          before turning a concerned eye the speakers way. As the man
          rose to exit Arawn joined him, offering healing, whether
          mundane or magical as Niv would have it before returning to
          pay not only for his share of the meal but the farmer's as
          well, making sure to leave a nice tip for the server.

            Niv refuses treatment of his eye.  "I've had many and will
          get more.  Heck my bull tries to hit me at least three times
          a year.  This is nothing.  Thanks anyways for the offer."

          [Time: 12:30pm - At the tavern]

            Ready to continue the exploration of the city Arawn was among
          the first out the door, turning an eye towards the Caldo and
          Fomorians before giving a sigh and heading out the door. By the
          time the first blows landed he was well out of ear-shot of the
          ruckus, the only reason he did not turn around to address the

            After Kiet leaves the tavern he smiles about his little jest
          on the Fomorians.  He thinks a bit about it some more and
          wonders if they were actually the injured innocents, but then
          reminds himself there are no innocent Fomorians.  He strongly
          hopes someone beats the tar out of them.

            After he sees Raban shake his head Kiet looks up at his tall
          friend and says, "What?  Remember where I am from.  Have you not
          had the 'pleasure' of an encounter with those accursed people?"

            Raban and Kiet hurry up to join the others down the street.
          Raban could not understand the words the group were speaking.
          But it doesn't take a empath to see they were heated.  After
          a few seconds Kiet explains they were Fomorians  Raban nods,
          "ahh.  Well no actually.  Closest was a brother of a ...person
          I was helping with her ....body posture.  Seemed he was one
          of those guys.  He actually was loud and obnoxious.  Claimed
          I took her honor..blah blah...challenged me to a fight.  That
          is until I stood up then he ran away."  He places a large
          hand on Kiet's shoulder.  "To hate one culture due to one or
          two bad folks is not right."  He smiles and shows his perfect
          teeth.  How does he keep them in fine shape?  Then he winks
          and squeezes the shoulder  "Now I sound like Arawn huh?  Don't
          tell him that."

          [Time: 1:22pm]

            On the journey to the gallery Arawn spent some time
          attempting to befriend the newly hired Niko. He was unsure just
          how long the hireling would remain in service but he thought it
          only polite to not only get to know the fellow but to ease his
          stay while with the party. After introductions he mostly kept
          to banter, eventually that passing into a quiet silence by the
          time the gallery had come into view.

            Niko is clearly intimidated by the group.  A person of his
          low station among these high and likely influential people.
          Niko keeps his eyes downcast and almost never keeps eye
          contact unless given an order.  Arawn can tell he is well
          trained and knows his place.  But Arawn does try to make
          him at ease.  But it is clear to Arawn it will take time
          to get him out of his shell.

          [Time: 1:47pm - 2:08pm - Gallery]

            Arawn took advantage of the time by strolling from gallery
          to gallery, taking in each piece in an effort to appreciate
          the artists work. He then greeted Metai Abban with a smile,
          listening patiently as the man looked over the receipt and
          eventually following him to view the remaining Gorlic painting.
          He looked it over carefully, searching his memory for any such
          location or for some hidden symbolism that was waiting to be

            Yet no magic is detected or hidden references.  In fact
          compared to the other stuff in the room it is rather bland.
          Will could draw a much better piece of art.

            Arawn speaks to Metai, "A simpler piece to be sure but it's
          not without its merits,"  Arawn commented, his voice hovering
          on the edge of a potential sale. "I had heard the other painting
          was worthwhile, something I would have found interesting. Alas
          I'm too late to see it with my own eyes but I'd appreciate it
          if you could tell me more about it? And this piece before us as
          well as the rest of the set? I like to collect sets but would
          know more about the artist and his works."

            Metai perks up a bit.  "Certainly.  Kuetar Gorlic was born
          to a rich merchant family.  As a child he showed promise in
          art and was tutored by Zorjic Betan which was a so so artist
          himself.  One of Betan's own paintings did well was obtained
          by the elite in Donara city and I believe is still there."
          Arawn nods and smiles not caring about that piece but shows
          at least some interest.  "Gorlic worked mostly as a ship
          wright up till around 30 when he injured his back and had to
          quit that work.  From there it was believed his art got better.
          I believe he did over 112 paintings.  The best sold almost 2
          centuries ago for 45 gold.  The current Admiral Gorlic has
          that painting in his own study from what I hear."

            "The rumors that he could see the future and the past.
          That he could predict even daily things was probably just
          help to solve his art.  I mean there was no actual proof
          that he did.  Probably just luck." He waves a hand as if
          to dismiss it.  "I'm sure it was luck like the time he
          predicted the storm that wrecked the fleet.  I mean find
          any sailor they can tell you a storm is coming a day or two
          before it arrives.  There is a painting in the other room
          they say the artist could go into a mysterious trance."  He
          raises both hands as if to show a odd gesture.  "From this
          trance he spoke dead languages they say and spoke as the
          gods themselves."  He rolls his eyes.  "If every collector
          took the word of a artist who cut off a finger or begged
          during the day or killed his family as currency to buy his
          or her work then the galleries would be full."

            "As to seeing the other painting I'm afraid it is in
          the hands of a private buyer.  You must understand our
          clients appreciate privacy.  So I'm afraid I can't divulge
          the location or the patron."

            Fremea crosses her arms and clearly looks miffed.  She begins
          to tap her foot as if about to explode.

            Metai seems to ignore the unruly child and continues to
          explain to Z'leyra about a painting of a blue unicorn and
          a red colored waterfall.

            Arawn tries to bring the matter back into focus.  He asks
          about the person who asked about the painting in the slip.

            "That?  Who knows.  We get many such information requests.
          May be a scholar, tutor, artist or just a buyer.  Who knows.
          My office is full of such letters to deal with.  Just this
          morning got a request by some scholar in place called Teos
          about art.  I have to get that one translated.  But it is

            Arawn tries to continue the discussion by using all of his
          skills.  He is eager and shows that there is more interest
          than a art lover may just have.  Metai begins to pick up
          on the hint of a possible transaction but tries to show little
          interest as if to show the high ground.  Arawn asks about
          the info on the painter and who might have more info.

            "A family of importance like the Gorlics have their own
          archives.  That would be the best.  But we do have one
          library in town and might have some info there.  It is on
          the east end of town.  Can't miss it as its the only
          one open the other two were closed.  I'm sure they have
          records on him as anyone of ...relative notoriety would
          have some mention in their archives somewhere."

            Arawn mentions the buyer being Muon Burz and asks again
          how to find him.  Metai looks shocked how did he know
          who got the painting?  Then Arawn raises the slip of paper.
          Metai seems to wipe a bead of sweat and nods.  "Oh yes.
          Well...I still need to uphold any privacy.  I could contact
          him and ask for you to meet him but it may take a day or two."

            Arawn asks about the other Gorlic paintings.  Metai softens
          a bit and looks out the window to the street.  "I'm no Gorlic
          expert.  But I suspect the Gorlic family has at least a third
          of them.  I hear some are in Donara, Pelara, Xian and Ticasi.
          In various private and public areas.  I suspect the rest are
          owned by private patrons in homes in the region."

            Arawn approaches the Gorlic painting and asks Metai if he
          can buy it.  Arawn doesn't ask for a price as most folks
          of money never do.  The old saying if you have to ask you
          can't afford it.  Metai does a quick survey of the group
          and in a flash of insight that Kell recognizes as sizing up
          the person determines the monetary value of the group.

            "Well of course this is my very last one of his set.
          It would be a great loss to the public to have it missing."
          Metai begins to pace the carpet back and forth from one
          wall to another as if considering the offer.

            The group notices Raban and the girl are returning with
          a nice smile on both faces.  Unali watches as the girl
          giggles though can't tell what they are saying since the
          window is closed.

            Kell considers just a simple bribe.  Kell considers
          a simple rope trick with some nice body positions for
          his influence over Metai.

            "I could not part for...anything less than 13 gold." Metai
          finally stops and smiles as if this is where he wanted to
          end up all along.

            Arawn sighs as if to show such a small price is nothing.
          But he knows this particular painting is not even worth
          half that value.

            Voices are heard and then large footsteps.  Raban finds
          the group and nods.  Fremea glares as if this talk is
          very boring.  Raban walks toward Fremea and kneels down.
          Even kneeling he towers over Fremea.  On his haunches
          he wipes a wisp of hair from her face to uncover her
          eyes.  "I hope your time was fruitful."  Then he speaks
          in Faerry Sidh.  "I know where to find the buyer."

            With that Fremea has heard enough she storms out of the
          room and toward the front door. No more time wasting here.

            Arawn hears Raban and realizes Metai has no clue what
          he said or at least shows no sign of it.

            The others quickly file out and follow Raban and Fremea.
          Leaving Arawn and Metai inside.

            Outside Raban whispers in Marentia, "the girl was easy
          to find info.  The buyer lives in the south side of town.
          I even got some directions. I also have a date if I wish
          it tonight."  He smiles to Kiet and takes point to lead
          the group.

          [Time: 3:11pm - South Salaqara]

            Soon Raban ends up leaving the busy streets of the
          city and enters a residential district.  Homes go from
          one story 2-3 rooms to two story and three stories and
          then small estates that could have at least 20 rooms.

            The group figures it is a upper middle class area with
          merchants or low level nobles living here.  The group sees
          a house on the corner of a street.  Behind the house is
          a small dock that goes over the Sea of Tears water.  The
          group passes a small bridge to get to this street.  Then
          turn right to the street of homes.  On the street there
          are maybe 8 homes with enough space of about 300-500 feet
          between homes.

            Raban points to a two story brown and tan home that has
          probably 15 rooms.  To the right of the house is a small
          garden and gazebo which the party saw from the road as they
          walked over the bridge. From the left is empty with trees
          and bushes.  In the rear is the dock and some smaller buildings
          probably a shed and outhouse.

            The group in the open looks around but sees no one on
          the road at this time.  A distant sound of a dog barking
          is heard but nothing else.  Fremea begins to case the
          place and figure out ways to get inside through stealth

            But Raban seems to read her mind and begins to simply
          move up the small path toward the front of the home.
          Arawn tries to clear his throat to stop Raban but the
          giant ignores him.

            If anything the giant is awfully direct.  In just a
          few moments he steps up the few steps to the porch and
          knocks on the door.  The party pretends to look around
          as if looking for a place.  There is no real place to hide
          now and a group this size sticks out.  Niko just looks
          bored and wonders what is going on.

            A couple minutes pass and the group feels happy no one
          is home and relaxes but just then the door opens.  A woman
          in her 40s with a maid like uniform speaks to Raban.  Raban
          begins his charms.  Soon the woman is laughing and pushing
          the giant away as if flattered. She then shakes her head
          once and then twice.  Raban begins to speak quietly again
          and the woman seems to look at the party  Arawn can tell
          she is on the fence.  Soon she nods.

            Raban turns and waves Fremea forward.  "Just cousin
          Illya please."

            Cousin Illya?  Fremea wonders what he told the woman.
          But it is yet another role to play.  the group stays
          in street.

            Raban waits for Fremea to join him then speaks.  "This
          kind lady says the man of the house is away in Ticasi.
          She has been kind to allow you to see this painting you
          are studying in school.  What do you say to the lady?"

            Raban grins and knows Fremea would probably just slap
          him if it wouldn't just tickle him.  Being so condensencing
          to her is worse than being touched.

            "Yes.  Well your friends and him."  She tilts her face
          toward Raban.  "Will have to wait outside.  You are free
          to go around the side to the garden.  It is bad enough to
          let one in but..."  She looks back to Raban and tries to
          smile.  Before she regrets it she walks inside and opens
          the door wider to let Fremea inside.

            Raban waits to see if Fremea will take up the offer
          or just take out the lady and do it the hard way.

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: I know taking some liberty at times.  But things
              will slow down a bit now.  Will see if anyone
              wishes to post and react.  Thinks like Arawn actually
              buying the painting I left open ending. If I stayed
              on such points we'd never finish these things.  :)

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