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      While the others had sat around
waiting for Niv Arawn had disappeared for a time, wandering the streets of the
city before finally making his way back to the area of the tavern. He took a
moment to visit the nearby shops, lingering over the various pastries of the
bakery on the lookout for interesting local treats before checking out the
poetry shop, collecting a few choice collections for him to study.


after rejoining the others, he sat in silence as Niv shared his news. He jotted
down a few notes including the names of the contacts shared by the smuggler
turned farmer before turning a concerned eye the speakers way. As the man rose
to exit Arawn joined him, offering healing, whether mundane or magical as Niv
would have it before returning to pay not only for his share of the meal but
the farmer’s as well, making sure to leave nice tip for the server.

   Ready to
continue the exploration of the city Arawn was among the first out the door,
turning an eye towards the Caldo and Fomorians before giving a sigh and heading
out the door. By the time the first blows landed he was well out of ear-shot of
the ruckus, the only reason he did not turn around to address the brawl.



   On the
journey to the gallery Arawn spent some time attempting to befriend the newly
hired Niko. He was unsure just how long the hireling would remain in service
but he thought it only polite to not only get to know the fellow but to ease
his stay while with the party. After introductions he mostly kept to banter,
eventually that passing into a quiet silence by the time the gallery had come
into view.

took advantage of the time by strolling from gallery to gallery, taking in each
piece in an effort to appreciate the artists work. He then greeted Metai Abban
with a smile, listening patiently as the man looked over the receipt and
eventually following him to view the remaining Gorlic painting. He looked it
over carefully, searching his memory for any such location or for some hidden
symbolism that was waiting to be discovered.


   “A simpler
piece to be sure but it’s not without its merits,” Arawn commented, his voice
hovering on the edge of a potential sale.

   “I had
heard the other painting was worthwhile, something I would have found
interesting. Alas I’m too late to see it with my own eyes but I’d appreciate it
if you could tell me more about it?

   And this
piece before us as well as the rest of the set? I like to collect sets but
would know more about the artist and his works.”

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