[pnpgm] Game Update #41 - File #158 - Interrogation at Gallery

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Waiting around for Arawn to get information from this annoying man is driving her nuts. She just wants to pounce on him and show him that his talk is worthless and his secrets can be had. Or maybe she will just sneak away from the group to find the information herself from his office, though she might not be able to read it all. Just one more look from him of how triumphant he is about his greatness and the crappy artwork hanging here and she will silence him.

Thank the Sidh Gods that Raban came back when he did.

Barely containing her impatience as they move to the house, her eyes and ears helping her to detect the slightest wrongness and how to break into the house that they came for. But, when Raban calls her over and calls her his cousin, it surprises her.

Taking a second to glare at him for actually looking down at her, she composes herself a bit more quickly. "Yes, Cousin," said snidely, "I am glad that you got me a look at the art for my school project." Her demeanor as she walks into the house says it all, spoiled, arrogant and just a bit more privileged than she should be. Turning to the servant, "Thank you for hospitality, I shall not linger long, I just need to study the painting for a project of Gorlic artwork." She walks around the house to look at the different artwork, and eventually comes to the painting they are looking for.

(more to do here, depending on what she finds)
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