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Fremea feels like a little kid again as Etain starts his process of walking around and giving orders. She feels almost obedient to him, though he has nothing to hold over her any more. She should kill him, just for keeping her from her family, from her life, from everything that any normal Fae should have.

As he goes through the house she just follows, all a long struggling to understand why he is here and what is so damn important about this painting and device. Just as she is about to ask him, he drops to his knees and bows to Arawn.

She is stunned. What is Arawn that would be so important that even this captor would bow to him? He is just an Elf. She shakes her head and wonders just what is going on.
To Raban as he carries the maid into the house, "mind the vase."


As the party leaves behind the maid and the house, she does her best to describe what she saw the second time from the painting. Stopping about mid way she askes, "What is so damn important about this device? And will it help me find my parents that you seem to know nothing about? I will not be swayed from getting to my family this time. You have stopped me too many times before. It is time you tell me the truth about why I was kept from them."

When they get back to the city (unless something really changes the plans), Fremea wants to take a look at that flying creature again at the studio.
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