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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #44 in sequence (file #175)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Fremea: [Re: actions]
           As he speaks, his voice even grates on her nerves. Not turning
           from him, she speaks calmly, (in Marentian), "Kell, be a dear...
         GM: Ack.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           When asked, Z'leyra will cast thru her staff the Glamour
           required to keep the frame looking like the painting is still
           in it. She will tell those asking her to cast it that it will
           only last 2 hours (she is not an expert in the spell) and have
           them show her the painting. She will stay far enough away from
           her casting that her chalcedony doesn't cancel the illusion.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Language]
           Did the old elf speak in a language that Kiet understands
           when he asked for a glamour?
         GM: Ack. No.  Sorry for delay in replying but sent a quick email.
             Likely Elf or Faerry Sidh.

         From Kiet: [Re: Updates]
           If you haven't seen the latest update in email (I haven't seen
           it yet) check out the game website.  The new update is sitting
         GM: Ack. Yeah.  I don't think its Wout's list per se.  I think
             its hit and miss on emails at times.  For example you may
             not have seen the update but I also lost or never got a post
             from you and from Alex.  Yet I got like 3-4 others from you
             just that new post didn't get to me. Go figure.  One could
             say its a spam thing but doubt that since I get others from
             you but not the one.   Who knows.  This is why I always
             check the list archives before I start work on update.
             In this batch I found 2 posts I never got.  So who knows.
             There are days I get it all but sometimes it happens to
             lose some at random times.  This is why I number files
             and updates.  Updates will always have a File # and the
             posts in between will have an associated file as you can
             see by displaying any of the links of your posts like
             141.txt or 163.txt for example.  This is how I can keep
             track as well as you.  Updates also have a separate
             Update # which should always be in sequence - in theory.
             Sometimes I goof up and mix up a # but I tend to catch
             them and post on it later.  So the best thing to do is
             check email daily or twice a week.  If things are needing
             your attention then daily if not then twice a week for
             the update.  If no update check archives.  If its not
             there then check my site.  If not in either then there
             is no update that night.  Regardless the game site will
             be updated ASAP.  Sometimes the archives may be down for
             the servers so my site unless its down will have update.
             So there is at least 3 ways to track updates. :)

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           I still need to find out if Kiet understood the elf when he
           asked for a glamour spell.
         GM: Ack. See above.

         From David: [Re: updates]
           What I mean is that I haven't received the email about that
           last update.  I saw Z'leyra's response and knew that it
           referenced something I hadn't yet seen, so I went to the game
           web site and read it from there.

           It's no biggie...sometimes email gets lost too.
         GM: Ack.  Yeah.  It happens.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Following Kiet's suggestion Z'leyra will cast Soul Sight
           (max EL) through her staff and look at the elf.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
            "Um...what did the elf say?"
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 2:05pm - The Gallery]

            Metai continues to follow Arawn toward the door trying to
          savor a new sale.

            Arawn turns around outside and looks at Metai.  "Of course...
          we wouldn't want that to happen," Arawn replied agreeably.
          "Perhaps, for your benefit, it might be best to wait for
          someone who can appreciate it's value even more than me. I'm
          sure you could make an excellent profit... in time."

            "Until then, as you said, it would be a shame to deprive the
          citizens of its continued presence here. Perhaps it would be a
          service to the community to leave it here for now despite my
          interest. Perhaps when I return I may procure the painting,
          though I'm sure it'll likely fly off the wall and into someone
          else's parlor before then..."

            Metai places a finger up to his mouth and bites his finger
          nail which is a clear nervous habit. Arawn walks away.  Metai
          looks back to the gallery behind him then back to Arawn.
          "No...No..I...I can..I can sell it for 11 but nothing less!
          I do need expenses and such here."

            Arawn grins walking away but does not turn around.

            "Fine!  Ten and a half is my bottom price!"  Metai stops
          stammering and yells out.


          [Time: 3:18pm - South Salaqara - Muon Burz's House]

            Kiet, Kell and Will watch Fremea looking at the Elf.
          Kiet wonders why the temperature is a bit warmer in this
          room.  Maybe its the tension that is boiling away from
          Fremea.  But Kell notices the Elf seems cool and collected
          as if on a mission or as if not caring to live the hour.  Will
          just stares at the odd ball painting?  That is the center
          piece of this obvious work room for the house.  This Burz
          guy must be insane or blind in art.

            As the Elf speaks, his voice even grates on Fremea's nerves.
          Not turning from him, she speaks calmly, (in Marentian), "Kell,
          be a dear and cut the painting out of the frame quickly." Though
          Kell may not know Fremea well, this voice coming out is the
          calmest he has ever heard, even though the rest of her body is
          tensed from extreme stress. Her eyes never leaving from the Elf.

            "There are many things that you will have to answer me about.
          Though you still know more than me, not that that is really a
          surprise keeping me in the dark about so much, the roles are now
          reversed." Her hand still undecided about what to do, either to
          plunge the dagger into his gut or to slash his throat, but it
          remains steady though a little shaking.

            "Kiet, would you mind getting Z. This Elf is correct in
          that we will need to hide the missing painting. We may need to
          wipe the maid's memory too."

            Her voice wavers a bit at this point, as she asks her
          question through gritted teeth, "Where are my parents,

            Etain looks at Fremea with a bit of sorrow and then some
          mirth.  He moves around Fremea toward the door where the
          others are blocking.  Kiet pulls out his dagger to cut
          the painting.  He can't understand what they are saying.
          But one thing is good he can do her wish and remove the

            Kiet watches the Elf and Fremea speak.  Under his breath
          he casts a quick mana sense spell.  He looks at the Elf
          and can detect a strong aura of mana but it may just be
          his Elven ties to magic like Kell is.  But there are no
          great sources of magic like armor, weapons or devices.  In
          fact Kiet can see no armor or weapons.  His hands look well
          worn as if he has been a few fist fights or hauls a lot
          of wood or packages.  There could be a dagger in his long
          boot but it is hard to tell.  Kiet then glances at the
          painting and can detect a magic source in the paint itself
          as one blob of green and blue meaning its probably magical
          paint.  As to the room it is dark as non life forms have
          no source of magic like the books or chairs.  Kiet is not
          as skilled as detecting the "normal" auras that all things
          have like Arawn can.  At least not has been trained to
          do so.  It would be a bit too blinding to see it all.  So
          most filter it out.  Kiet recalls that vault or whatever it
          is behind the book case on the left he saw with his magical
          sphere.  Wonders if he should steal some coins?  But
          then again with the taste of this man its probably some
          stupid unicorn poetry or something awful.  Who in their
          right mind would buy that painting?

            The old Elf stops in front of Kell.  "Another Elf?"  He
          looks back.  "You have done well.  Under the obvious strain
          you are in control.  I don't take credit for that but I
          do hope I gave you some good lessons."  He moves in between
          the two men and out the door.  He stops at the threshold.

            Etain turns to face Fremea in the with some grim determination.
          "I'm sorry.  I do not know."  With that he heads down the hall.
          Will steps out to watch.  Will sees the Elf peer into each room
          as if looking for something.  Then he steps into a 3rd room.

            Will follows and Fremea sees Kiet begin on the painting.  She
          is a gush of hot air as she passes Kell and out into the hall.
          Will points to a room and Fremea and the woodsman move that

            By the time they get there they find its a bedroom on the
          east side of the house.  Etain is crossing the floor to
          a open window.  "This is how he, she or it came in.  Must
          be.  He opens the window fully as it was only about 2/3rds
          up.  He peers out to the ground a story below.  He looks
          south to the sea and then north to the street.  "No sign.
          No ropes at all.  Must a talented one."  He moves back toward
          the door.  "We have time as we move I can try to explain
          more but ask what you need to know."  He leaves the room and
          heads toward the stairs.  "But you may not like all what
          I may say."

            Back inside the room Kiet works his way around the perimeter
          of the artwork.  He looks at Kell briefly.  "Um...what did the
          Elf say?"

            Kell does a quick recap.  Explaining the man is named Etain
          and seems to know Fremea somehow.  Etain had asked Fremea
          what she saw from the painting.  Then asked about an illusion
          for the painting.

            Kiet tries to memorize the painting as it is and then
          speaks in The Elder the words to cast a Glamour spell.  He
          turns to the now empty frame and gestures to the back piece
          of the frame which is paper.  The backside of the frame
          transforms into a copy of the painting.  That should last
          more than a day.  He will have to warn the others that around
          11 or 12 tomorrow night the illusion will fade.  But by then
          maybe the party will be gone from this city back to Marentia?

            As Kell is explaining what happened outside a rather irate
          maid is storming down the old planks of the dock.  She flings
          water in her wake but Raban shakes his head in seconds she
          will be dry just from her heated anger.

            Arawn wet as well surges after the maid, "Wait! Calm down!
          Don't you remember? You fell off the dock, must've knocked your
          head and passed out," Arawn called out to the woman. "We just
          fished you out. You're lucky you didn't drown."

            Despite his effort to calm the woman down his primary focus
          was delaying her long enough for the Alfar to investigate
          further. Fully expanding his awareness he looked the woman
          over, sensing for any sign of enchantment that could lead to
          further complications.

            Arawn expands his awareness.  He can see a gray aura around
          the body but that is common.  Even Niko has such.  Most
          people who are not mana users show a form of gray, gray-silver
          or black auras.  But Arawn does notice that a silver gray
          aura with a twinge of brown is fading from the maid.  In
          fact by the time she reaches the end of the dock this other
          aura is gone.

            The woman turns around, "I don't make a habit of just
          jumping off the dock!  Guards!  Guards!"  She begins to
          look around and finds that no one is around in the area but
          this party.

            Arawn continues, "Where is the girl who was in the house
          with you?! What happened?"

            "Yes!  The girl this is a plot!  Your a team."  She turns
          to look at the house.  She begins to move faster toward the
          house.  Arawn and Unali jog after her.  Raban and Z'leyra
          following behind.

            Halfway toward the back door the man known as Etain steps
          out and looks around.

            "Who are you!!?!"  The maid shouts.  "Guar-!"

            The maid collapses to the ground.   Above her Unali is
          holding a dagger in hand and has by more reflex than need
          has knocked the maid out.  She is a bit as surprised as
          Raban who looks at her.  She twirls the dagger and places
          it back on her hip.  The woman might've ruined things.  Unali
          knows the blow was light and she has become quiet adept in
          knocking people out with no damage at all.

            Raban glances at Unali and she just shrugs.  The maid's
          voice was getting to her nerves.

            Etain looks at the group in front of him.  Then glances
          to the gazebo and the boy.  "You there!  You see anyone
          but these people around here?"

            The boy turns and looks around for Kiet but just shakes
          his head.  Niko glances back at the street.  These people
          are insane.  Chasing folks off a dock and such.  Nikoo
          wonders if he should charge more?  There is no official
          guild for the type of person he is - bearers.  But there
          is a unofficial alliance of sorts for the group of
          bearers, messengers, town criers and personal servants.
          They all agree that survival is key when your patrol
          are doing things a bit on the wrong side of the law or
          just a gray line.

            Etain looks at the giant.  "You big guy.  Can you
          haul her inside?  We may need to change your view of

            Raban looks at Fremea who has now come outside with the
          others.  Fremea knows what Raban asks and then nods.

            Kiet quickly exits and finds Z'leyra.  He whispers to her
          if she can us some magic to read the Elf.  Z'leyra nods and
          moves closer as she will need about 5 feet close to him.  She
          begins to speak a few magical words under her breath while
          holding her staff.

            Etain looks around and sees Z'leyra speaking low.  He smiles
          and nods.  "Go ahead.  I won't stop you."  He speaks in Donaran
          to the wizard.  Z'leyra is a bit surprised but doesn't show it.
          She knows she would lose the time and mana already so continues
          her spell.  This time raising her tone a bit higher.  The spell
          goes off and Z'leyra gleams some information on the Elf.

            Etain turns to the group, "I say again I do not know the
          location of Fremea's parent's."

            Arawn explains his own plans and that's when Etain stops
          cold in his steps around the yard.  Etain takes a few
          steps toward Arawn.  About 5 feet from he collapses to his
          knees and splays out his arms wide in both directions.  He
          then tilts his head forward and eyes on the ground.  While
          outside the Elf spoke Donaran.  But now he changes to Elf
          Sidh.  "Your Grace.  I'm honored.  I, prizzti, am at your

            The party stands confused or at least those who understand
          the words. Raban even stops moving toward the house with
          the maid in his arms.  Arawn looks at Etain a bit confused.
          The term privzzt is common for the Sidh.  It are those
          members of the True Races that serve the leadership of
          the Sidh people.  In human terms they are like second
          in commands, right hand mans, majordomos or deputy
          commanders.  These people tend to serve for life unless
          there is some extreme other circumstance.

            Fremea places hands on her hips.  To Fremea the term
          is not knew.  Etain did serve as the Elven ambassador to
          the Monarchs.   But clearly he has fallen from that
          high place.

            Z'leyra learns that with little surprise the Elf is of
          the Elder orientation.  She determines that he does have
          some magic ability but it is unclear if that is innate
          to his Elf being or a trained talent.  The emotion of this
          Elf is clear to Z'leyra as well as to Arawn.  The Elf is
          determined, motivated, eager to move on, impatient, troubled,
          and most of all sorrowful.  Z'leyra learns that Etain is
          not lying when he speaks the words on Freme's parents.  This
          may be why he said that when she cast the spell.  Maybe he
          is used to such interrogations?  Z'leyra can determine the
          Elf has all the natural abilitis that Arawn and Kell have
          like hiding and mana sensing among others.  For his intent
          it is clear that he wishes to finish something but that something
          is unclear.  At last Z'leyra figures the Elf is not affected
          or possessed by forces.

            Kiet looks to Z'leyra for info on the spell he requested
          While he makes sure the hefty painting is rolled up in a
          tight and neat roll.

            Arawn can hardly react to seeing another Elf.  First who
          is this person?  A bit flustered by this odd scene the Alfar
          walks forward and shakes his head.  He reaches out to help
          the strange Elf up as he considers his words.

            Etain takes the help up off his knees, "thank you Grace.
          My knees are not as good as they used to be."

            Raban shakes his head and moves the Maid inside.  He recalls
          what Arawn said.  "C'mon on Arawn.  Time to do your magic on
          the maid."

            Arawn looks around and heads inside.

            Etain looks around.  "We should move on.  Fremea what
          did you see?  Where do we go from now?  If you need
          help I do know the city well but if not know some who may."

            Inside the home Arawn watches Raban place the wet maid
          on the couch.  A few moments later the maid finally wakes
          thanks to some help from Raban's gentle touch.

            Arawn sees the maid waking up and starts his forgetfulness
          spell.  The maid wakes up to see this strange man waving his
          hand in front of her.  Her expression softens from confusion
          to a blank stare.

            Arawn nudges Raban out the back door again and closes the
          door behind him.  Inside the maid gets up and exclaims she
          is wet and what in world happened.  Shaking her head she moves
          to the kitchen to fetch some rags to dry herself off.

            Etain begins to move toward the street and hopes the others
          will follow.  As he does he keeps looking around up and down
          the sides and street to see if he can spot anything out of
          the ordinary.

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: A fun update of sorts.  The go between stuff with Etain
              and Fremea was fun.  We did a lot of that in chat but
              you won't see it for quite awhile.  I'll try to work
              on a new update for Friday.  This one took a bit of
              time and more behind scenes work than actual update
              work - Chat with Tobie, bookworking on spells, etc.

          GM: Mana report updated - Mana, Experience and such updated
               on the website report since not been updated for 2 months
               since we needed it updated last.

              On a side note if you wish to have a specific way to
                display your info let me know.  Mainly the mana info.
                I do it based on percentage. But if you wish to just
                see say mana used and mana left I can do that as well.
                Let me know a format you would like.  As always if
                a spell/skill is used in private let me know so not
                to list it in this report.

          GM: Actions -
                Unali - Being probably the best knockout artist in the
                   group I rolled to see if the nagging voice of the
                   maid would blow you over the edge and it did.  So
                   hope this bit of liberty was not out of  context?

                Kiet - Since said you'd do the Glamour and you were in
                  the room I did it as above.  In fact  yours will be
                  a bit longer than Z'leyra's.  The dialogue in the
                  email not used since not needed in this context.

                Arawn - Forgetful spell will last a week before she
                  recalls.  Till then she'll forget the full day's
                  of activity.  There is a way to pay 3x mana cost
                  to implant memories if needed and I think it will
                  last a bit longer.  So you will need to figure out
                  if worth to a week or longer.  Mainly depends on
                  how long the party stays in the city I suppose.

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