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> I've been thinking about a few things for the game to make it a bit more 'realistic' as far as non-character humans.  Part of it is that using the book values for regular humans, you don't get any distinct characteristics upon which to base any skill EL's.  So, here was my thought on a random method...for the GM that wants to develop his encountered humanoids.
> 'Mundane' (non-character class) humanoids normally would be considered to have rolled '11’ for all attributes with the standard racial modifiers and a 1.5 multiplier.  This would be the 'average' non-character class humanoid.  Each non-character humanoid would be permitted to roll 2d10 for 1d3* characteristics to be determined by the GM based on the role the mundane plays.  For instance, a merchant might roll for his W or E, an artist W, D, or Em...etc.  The multiplier would remain 1.5 but it would give a GM the parameters for what EL's and maximum EL's to assign him or her.  If the above-mentioned merchant were to roll poorly on his attributes, he might not be especially successful in his life.  Roll well, and he might be a 'genius' amongst normals.  You might even want to roll 1d2* non-occupation related attributes...to see if there are places where he is weaker than his peers.
> I was just thinking that not every king, prince, merchant, assassin, etc. of note would be a character-class human.  It seems like almost every person described in the modules must be a character class being, but I think there's too many of them.
> Would this be more work?  Yes!  But there might also be times when a GM wishes to develop his oft-appearing normal humanoids.
> Please...feel free to comment...
> Dave Sanders

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