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Kiet is not surprised he is the only 'no' vote.  He's used to it.  It's likely the items back at the Dark Lands will prove helpful, but only a limited number.  Even the proverbial staff that shoots fireballs has to overcome the Vong's immense magic resistance. 

Kiet doesn't have anything in his possessions that he can use against the Vong.  Since he has not yet had time to train with the sword, it won't do him much good.  He hopes the conjecture about magic is good, though.  It means that Kiet can chuck out ropes without being targetted by the anti-magic critters of the Vong. 

Kiet wonders about Ki'ama permitting the items back in our possession.  If he didn't want us using them, why give them to us.  Of course, he also gave us the option of taking what we wanted when we first started out.  

Ki'ama...Kiet bristles over that.  He was sorely, sorely tempted to go back with Chion for the sole purpose of confronting, or even challenging, the High Elder.  The fact is little Kiet thinks his chances against the HE are greater than against the Vong.  At least the HE would simply Oblivi-ate Kiet...but he'd still be alive, at least.  The Vong won't have any problem with simply killing the lot of us. 

This whole situation just leaves Kiet grumpy.  Kiet will leave ALL of his magic items behind in the DL...but will accept his javelins.  The items may as well stay there, since all of his money...the substantial part of it, anyway...is still there too.  He's already got his ropes.  There won't be much a Vong can do trussed up like a New Year's dinner turkey...except expire, perhaps.  Dagger thrusts to the vitals will do that for ya. 

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