[pnpgm] Game Update #153 - File #1065 - The Doomed Village - Squirt reigns supreme!

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Tue Mar 1 18:47:54 CET 2011

[Kiet & Kell conversation.  It began as Dave and I chatting in email.  There was some good stuff, so I converted it to an actual post ala conversation.  Had we known it was going to be a post, we'd copy you.  Maybe.  Surprising the GM can be fun!  :)

Good adjustment for the conversations.  Ours was not linear, so your changes worked just as well.  Thanks.

Libyan enforcers start out all right, but they quickly move up and take over, then have to be deposed.  It's not worth it, trust me.]

[in Dark Lands]

[Oby Wan?  I have to say it - I almost choose Luke as a name, just because.  Or Lone Star.  Has anyone seen Hardware Wars?  Masterpiece.  I'm all over the place today.]

Listenting to the small girl tell of Squirt's exploits make Ha'Kell smile widely.  He's missed the furry devil and all the fun he brings.  Scratching his ears and feeding him a tidbit, Kell needs to decide if bringing him back now is smart, or if he should stay for a bit longer.  Possibly the most dangerous parts are yet to come.  But having a very small scout and distraction may be useful.  Squirt can get into so many places, not just to cause havok.

"Thank you for watching him for me. I can tell you took very good care of him.  He hasn't been this clean, well, ever.  I would like to go buy you a little something in the market if you'd like that and your parents don't mind."    [assuming she agrees]

Gently he takes the girl's hand and heads to the closest markets, helping her find a treasure she wants as a thank you.  Kell bargains hard and after shows the girl a bit about bargaining, if she is interested.  If not, Kell thanks her yet again.

"Thank you again for watching him.  If I need someone to watch him again, could you?"   Listening to her response...    ...    ...       "For now you're done, I am taking him with me.  We both missed each other, and maybe he can help us all."  He gives the girl a warm hug, and slips her three silver coins telling her to give the money to her parents.  They had to put up with Squirt too, and probably they have broken things to replace.  Kell doesn't like being in anyones debt.

Before begging to eat the wonderful lunch, Kell approaches Oby privately.

During lunch as Zhou is telling Oby of the past few months, Kell makes sure that Zhou is telling facts and not fiction.  Fiction where he is the constant hero or the one saving the day.  After all, everyone knows Kell is the one saving the day and getting the girl.  

Asking Oby while eating, "Have you heard any other news about the, er, situation we are handling?  Has anything been discovered anywhere else we should know about?"

           "Elder Ki'ama wishes good luck.  He regrets not being here
         to see you off."  A twinkle comes to his eye.  "He even
         thought of helping out.  But he hasn't left the Lands for ...
         some time.  It would create...issues here."  Oby bows and
         backs away.

Ha'Kell looks Oby in the eye, holding his gaze.  "Thank you for the lunch.  It was excellent.  Hope we can stop this in the next days.  Or the world may be like a deaf leppard hunting with both eyes missing, nothing but hysteria."  He gives a short bow to Oby.

         [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
		[burned out village]

           Strie'bog turns to Unali and asks about the bodies.  Do they
         need a mass grave or should the group move on?  Unali scans
         the distant north and figures they might be two or three hours
         to the Vong Base if things are working in their favor.  

"Why don't we use the mapping bugs now to pinpoint the base?  If it is close enough maybe we can see exactly where it is from their map?  Do some scouting and planning tonight, then start the final countdown."

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