[pnpgm] Game Update #153 - File #1065 - The Doomed Village

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Fremea didn't really care one way or the other about the teleport. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't even really notice that it had even happened before Chion reappeared with a lot more stuff. At that point she needed to remember what she was here for and to get her mind in the right place. Her lapse in missing that detail really could have been bad if it was something worse coming at them instead.

Once her mind was on the task properly again, she scouted and started to look for the signs of anything unusual or what would probably be out of place, until she found the destroyed village. Feeling outrage at these creatures for what they had done to children and even the simple villagers that didn't seem to be schemers. When she saw the Vong in the tree that Raban had moved, she realized that she could aim for that neck spot a lot more than others can hit at it. She would make sure she remembered to do that more.

"As for the bodies, we can not afford to spend time here burying them all. Though I would love to give the innocent a proper burial, if we spend any time here we might just be ambushed ourselves. If we can we will report this or come back. It is time for us to move quickly and strike fast before these Vong", she spits on the ground, "can be ready for a group like us. Right now, I think they either believe they are safe from detection or think a raiding party that is large is coming to greet them. We may have a few members here with us, but we are certainly a small party and can be deadly on first strike." She is showing her anger and seems quite ready to take flight and fight what ever comes her way.
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