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As Arawn scans the shoreline and mentions possible Vong usage of the river Ha'Kell's ears perk up.  "Ah! I wonder if some of those mines that use this river are now Vong bases?  Possibly there is a hidden or underground lake somewhere upriver the Vong can use to grow their items, such as Lake Oca.  I wonder?  Whilst we we don't have time to explore but it's interesting to ponder."  The half-elf extends his senses as much as possible as the party rides to breakfast.  He gives his horse a pat on the neck and smiles in the barely lighted day to those around him, showing his white teeth and rare truely happy smile for some reason.


During Zhou's speech, Ha'Kell restrains himself from poking fun at the man.  He is obviously trying, trying what Kell isn't really sure of, but he is trying.

As Zhou reaches the part of the Zen'Da barbarians repelling the Vong, he turns to Ben'dar and restrains him.  Whispering to Ben'dar in Zen'da, "We don't need to kill Zhou at this late date," grinning at the horseman, "at least not yet."  But hearing Zhou insult the Zen'da like this makes Kell mad, after all Ba'ru is very closely related to Zen'da and considered friendly.

This mission is both a great honor and extremely dangerous, as Shu and Whitney both knew.  Nodding to himself, Kell is happy the group is every bit as deadly as the Vong, and twice as creative.

>> Finally Zhou stops babbling and turns around to face the
>> distant storm.  It has moved on and thin wispy gray clouds seem
>> to be winning the battle over the dark storm clouds.  So even
>>  the storm is fading from sight and memory.

After the speech, Kell stands quickly with a spear and his shield, tossing another spear to Zhou then springing at the duke.  "Defend yourself! Show us you can fight and have a backbone!" and begins to spar with Zhou.

If Zhou can't or won't defend himself, Kell will merely knock him down onto his back and stand with his spear at Zhou's throat.  Scowling, "Be glad I'm no Vong or you'd be dead.  Next time don't hesitate.  If your inaction causes one of us to die, I will not be happy."  Then he'll extend a hand and help the duke up, "I do appreciate your words and your heart, you have changed.  Keep growing your backbone."


Watching the bugs align as maps over and over makes Ha'Kell wonder how marketable something like this may be...  But it needs a catchy name, something easy to remember yet clear.  Geographic Pinpointing System.  Yes that's it, GPS for short.  Now to make it magical and not bug based.

>>   "Rising Mount," Arawn whispers to himself as he marks the
>>   spot on the Middle Katai map with a inked quill.  Just barely
>>  making a mark enough to spot but not to ruin.

"Rising Mount.  Interesting name that.  I vote we ride and ride hard for three days, then slow for the final approach and scout as much as possible.  The time for stealth is almost over."

[Vote for travel - overland by horse/wagon/etc.]
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