[pnpgm] Ze V Map

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Thu Feb 3 18:51:17 CET 2011

The sudden influx of posts overwhelmed me.  So can't get update out tonight.  Only had 2 last night and 5 showed up tonight. :<

Anyways Links section has the updated Shu's map.  Yellow smudge shows the rough location of Vong World Brain location.  Green line shows possible land path.  Purple..or was it blue (did map few days ago and too lazy to check) smudge near Pamau is current location.

Will do big update for Monday night.

Travel options

Land - roughtly 100 miles
  Slowest horse looks like the War Horse 2s at 23 miles per day assuming no encumberance (which I have to recheck).  So that's almost 5 days.

River - 100 miles estimated with overland trip south
  Barge might go 10-12 miles if good wind
  Merchant 20 and a bit more if good.

So talking 8-10 days by barge or 5 days with a good merchant ship.

Would have to return to Pamau's dock market at the river bridge area and find such boats.  Barges going west might be easy to rent.  But merchant might be tougher and harer to find.  The number of horses also limit it on space restrictions.

In the end Wout/Unali can decide which but I'm sure open debate is welcome.

Some have posted on it already.

Land route will allow prep time.  Sea would limit depending on who watches.  

Stay tuned...

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