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Fremea "overhears" Kiets thoughts and decides he must really love Zhou. She will make sure that flowers are picked and left for Zhou in 'interesting' places with a note that comes from Kiet, helping the kindling relationship to bloom into something wonderful between them.

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I'm going to preface this with saying that none of this is intended to offend.  It is not...NOT...a comment on the game, the GM, nor any players.  I am merely seeking to write creatively.  I'm just trying to write what Kiet is thinking/feeling, as he doesn't think much of Zhou. - Dave

Kiet listens, though with great difficulty, to the speeches Zhou has obviously been working on for some time.  He would have rolled his eyes at some of the references but thought it might offend others in the group, though it was a tremendous effort to refrain.  Even if each demon had his own level of hell there wouldn't be one deep or dark or hot enough to send this babbling idiot to his rightful fate.  Kiet is certain that there are special levels of hell for speech makers.
When he starts with "You may be asking how and why we are here..."  'By Nergal's Spear!'  Kiet thinks to himself, knowing full well how he got here!  And he still gritted his teeth remembering it!  He so looks very much forward to discharging this duty and moving on with his life...to someplace he might cast and find his magicks.
When Zhou was speaking about Arawn, and the Vong, Kiet almost wondered if Zhou had gone insane and then very nearly lost his composure. "We have seen that not all Vong are bad..."  Oh, by Murmur's Black Eyes!  Not all bad?  No, those who aren't hideously evil are only controlled to the point of their death should they try anything their masters might not like!  Kiet remembers one foolish woman speak once about how there are no evil people, they're just misunderstood.  Well, Kiet begs to differ, and thinks that Zhou may have been visiting the opium dens a bit too much.
And then (shudder) Zhou grabs Kiet's arm...oh, he hates that.  Kiet doesn't especially like to be touched.  He almost reacted instinctively to break his arm, but was able to control himself.  Zhou should well consider himself lucky this day!  Still, Zhou was smart enough to release him and back off a bit.
"You admit you are not one of the front line fighters here..."  Oh, great.  Well, thank you very much for pointing that out in front of the gods and everyone.  Kiet turns red, embarrassed by such talk.  It's one thing for Kiet to say it about himself, but for Zhou to say it this way, and in front of all these companions...is beyond the pale.
"In fact the large majority of this world are like you..."  Kiet doubts very seriously if the majority in this world are like him.  Most are a good deal more squeemish, and hardly able to control mana as can the young man from Lemasa.
"A group of peasants can take down a giant as a mob faster than a small squad of well trained fighters if they wish to..."  Well, sure they can, but a lot of the peasants are gonna die in the attempt.  The soldiers have a far better chance to survive.  And Kiet would like to survive.  Oh, and thank you for equating me to a peasant, you overblown paper pusher.  Kiet almost misses the rest of the speech with that, but it continues....
"This makes you even more a threat to our enemy than the best fighter here..."  Kiet almost loses it completely with that one, but not in anger...Kiet almost chokes trying to hold down the laughter.  He wonders what the others in the group that have killed so many Vong think of little Kiet being called more of a threat to them than are those warriors!
Kiet's eyes open wide, and he excuses himself and then turns away from everyone, trying so hard not to simply explode in laughter....

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