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Quote [[ Fremea watches the bugs in fascination as they move to create a new map that was asked for. When the bowl gets blown away and the the bugs go dormant and then come to life again when the bowl is near, she gets curious about what is in the bowl that the bugs respond to. She starts to study the bowl with fascination. Maybe this can lead her to some other answers about the Vong themselves. Just speaking out to no one, "I wonder if the bugs were grown for this purpose and some how this bowl is their only way to live? If that is the case then maybe the Vong are also grown by something else and so they only do they are commanded. Then all we need to do is to take out the 'bowl' that causes them to live and the Vong will be no more here."]]

   "I hope as much as well, Fremea. Rua had mentioned that their world had originally been invaded and that event is what sparked his own people to begin their own conquests. But thinking to the recurring brain motifs in products and creatures I can't help but wonder, what if these Brains, the World Brains, are behind not only the Vong invasions, controlling them, but also the ones that controlled the invading force that attacked the Vong world in the past? If so, then they are the real threat, to this world, the Vong and all other realms as well. If a World Brain controls everything in a world then what controls a World Brain and from where? Perhaps if that can be discovered and then destroyed it could save countless worlds and end this threat once and for all time.
   Just a thought but one I hope that time and events may permit a further look into in the future.

   More likely, I think that this war will not be won by us, though I could be wrong. Those Vong who disagree with the campaign of invasion and rule of the Warrior and Shaper castes may be the ones to save not only their world but other worlds from invasion if they can be given a key to start fighting for change and a strong leader to guide them."

Quote [[When the position of the "Brain" is found on the map, she considers what to do to get ready. "I say we need to get there quickly, but quietly. Teleport could work, except if we do that we lose all surprise and don't really have time to explorer it much. My thoughts are for us to go either by road or water and then when I can fly to the area, unnoticed, and scout it out then report back, we devise where to teleport to and go. Because at that time we will have to use our special abilities to take down the Vong and it won't matter if there is a small blip on a Katai device, since we will light it up." ]]

   "Likely the Vong will have many eyes watching the river and nearby mountains but I would suggest taking the latter. We might be able to use them to take advantage of cover, if only for a while, though it will take longer. I wish we knew exactly when the time of Yum-Harla is, if only to have a countdown."


   Arawn remained silent throughout Zhou's speech. The High Elder had chosen the man to go on a most deadly expedition, despite his protests and lack of training. Zhou had grown since leaving the Dark Lands and he guessed that the High Elder had meant for this, that he had plans for the man. Whether to further Ki'ama's agendas or to help Zhou discover his own destiny and personal power, beyond this adventure, was unknown to the alfar but he suspected a bit of both. Likely there was more to Zhou's past than the man either knew or was willing to share or else the HE saw a significant future that Zhou would need to be prepared for some day.

   After Zhou was done Arawn sat quietly in thought for some time.

   "There had been mention of humans in the mountain. Aside from Peace Brigaders humans had been disappearing for some time and possibly linked to the Vong, possibly controlled like the Baroness or used for sacrifice, work or entertainment. Who knows how many are there and I wonder, will we be able to rescue them?"


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