[pnpgm] Game Update #147 - File #1034 - Zhou's Big Speech [Not quit the King's speech]

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          Arawn and Unali compare the maps.  They use Shu's map, the
>         bug map, the area Katai map.  Finally after a couple minutes
>         the area is determined.  It is 100 miles west of the party's
>         current location.  Right almost dead center in the middle of
>         Shu's "circled" area.  The party sees they could travel by
>         river for 80 or so miles west then go 20 or so miles south
>         from that point.  They could also head west overland through
>         the hills and mountains.

As Will watches Arawn and the others with the maps he leans over and asks "
can the bugs show us on the map?"
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