[pnpgm] Game Update #147 - File #1034 - Zhou's Big Speech [Not quit the King's speech]

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Hearing Zhou's words about the party and herself, she wonders if he is wanting to create a bond with everyone. She might seem like she is lost in a huge world, but she can tell when a person knows he is going to lose people he has come to rely on, whether it is from someone dying or they are just leaving. Fremea knows Zhou is going to lose this position when this is all done and lose 'his' people/group. She can tell it frustrates him that he may just have to go back to being the servant to the Old Master. She understands this, because it is something she never wants to do again. As Zhou talks about people staying for whatever reason, she thinks to herself about her own reason. Finding her parents, but in order to do that, she needs to make sure they are safe from creatures like the Vong. And the biggest reason, revenge on those that would have her do things against her values. Of course she still has not told this group yet of some of the things she is capable of, but they seem to accept her for now.

Fremea watches the bugs in fascination as they move to create a new map that was asked for. When the bowl gets blown away and the the bugs go dormant and then come to life again when the bowl is near, she gets curious about what is in the bowl that the bugs respond to. She starts to study the bowl with fascination. Maybe this can lead her to some other answers about the Vong themselves. Just speaking out to no one, "I wonder if the bugs were grown for this purpose and some how this bowl is their only way to live? If that is the case then maybe the Vong are also grown by something else and so they only do they are commanded. Then all we need to do is to take out the 'bowl' that causes them to live and the Vong will be no more here."

When the position of the "Brain" is found on the map, she considers what to do to get ready. "I say we need to get there quickly, but quietly. Teleport could work, except if we do that we lose all surprise and don't really have time to explorer it much. My thoughts are for us to go either by road or water and then when I can fly to the area, unnoticed, and scout it out then report back, we devise where to teleport to and go. Because at that time we will have to use our special abilities to take down the Vong and it won't matter if there is a small blip on a Katai device, since we will light it up."
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