[pnpgm] Game Update #198 - File #1316 - Arawn frees the Embraced

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Thu Dec 8 20:35:40 CET 2011

  HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          [Heya, I am here I've just been busy between work and
          Thanksgiving. Didn't have much to say yet, but now I can add
          some more in.  Doing the search around the room took a bit
          longer game-time, so no post as nothing happened for Kell.]

          Rejoining the group, in Martentian, Ha'Kell has one more idea,
          "If we have the weapons, a few more decent fighters could be...
          Going to Will after his attempted enchantment, the half-elf
          uses his senses and tells Will the result of his casting.

          Taking a moment in a lull, Kell examines his armor, shield,
          and weapons.  If there's anything he can do for his damaged
          spear, Kell does it.  Reading his shield with the wand in his
          left hand and spear in right hand, the tall half-elf is ready
          to move on.
          Ha'Kell listens to Mun and the other men describing where
          they're going, petting Squirt and scratching right behind the
          adorable beast's ears.

          He listens then finally speaks.  "Mun, do you know what this
          pit is for? What are those bugs?  Can you sketch a map of ...

          [Optionally, depending on response to bringing a few other
          men - ] "Can any of you fight?  Either with one of these
          remaining weapons or without weapons?"
        GM: Ack. I added you to my email on other computer but may have
            only done one of the 2. So when I get the other I can have
            it record. FYI.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions[
          Kiet hears the words of this hapless ingrate.  How many...
        GM: Ack.  Keep in mind those are his thoughts and personality.
            Nothing personal.  You should know what he thinks of Ben'dar
            and Raban with those deadly hands!  So uncivilized.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn listened as Fremea shared the plight of the poor
          Faerry, sadness and compassion evident on his face.

          "I will go with you to the chamber. She has passed and...
        GM: Ack. 

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea looks puzzled. "Truly I do not understand your...
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          "Thank you, Fremea," Arawn replied. "You're right,...
        GM: Ack. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
          As we prepare to leave Will takes a moment look around at the
          pit and the rest of the chamber making sure he has a good spot
          to teleport back to if needed.
        GM: Ack. Teleport into the pit.  Gotcha. :)

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Unali finally seems roused and speaks up: "Zhou, please...

          OOC: Scott, thought I had sent an email earlier moving Unali
          to the door. Missed that in the updates. Farseeker to the
          rescue though. No need to correct, but not sure if my emails
          reach you off list.
        GM: Ack. Another post I didn't get.  I only happened to see
            it tonight checking the list archives.  Geesh.  Never
            got to my email.  Unless I'm wrong last email from you was
            10/28.  Don't forget the new email for me. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions[
          As Will looks around and picks up his daggers and otherwise
          gets  ready to move on says "I just had an idea suppose we...

          OCC:  it always worked for Luke
        GM: Ack.  This is not your Infidel Magic users.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          "Good idea." Says Z'leyra of Will's idea about fake Vong. "I...

          Just before the party goes thru the next door she will cast
          Orient Self EL0 on herself then reready her staff.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions[
          When Fremea hears the idea she smirks, "I believe ....
        GM: Ack. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
          "Ah... I do seem to recall you mentioning that....

          OCC:  no off switch huh
        GM: Ack. The stone yanks the out completely. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
         "If you can do two that would be a very good start.  We...

         OOC:  Trans. is the proto-typical prince into a frog spell.
         This would be an unusual use for it but Will well might be
         tougher as a vong than as a human and since he could still
         speek and keeps his intellect he could still cast magic.

         Kiet brightenss a bit at the suggestion.

         if people want it, Kiet will cast it for up to two people,
         at maximum EL plus using supernatural language.  That
         should do it!

         OCC:  Come to think of it Trans. would probably work on Z' as
         well but she is one who is probably tougher as she is. So in
         theory we could probabnly make everyone in the party look like
         a Vong but it would take a lot of mana.   There are probably
         severl pepole who would not be willing any way.  We probably
         would not want over half of the party as Vong both for mana cost
         as well as personal preferance.  It may also be more effective
         that way we know the vong have ways to be allerted to the
         presence of magic users and if every one looked like a Vong it
         would  bacfire.

         Will says " We dont want more than half but at least a third...
        GM: Ack. Kiet I didn't get that section there it was quoted
            in his post.  Its not on the list either.  Archives don't even
            have that one.  So it must've been a private email to John?

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
           OOC:  I take it from the abundance of silence that either no
           one has  the transformation spell or nobody wants to be a
           Vong or perhaps both.   Will however is still willing to
            spend an hour or two as a Vong with of course a few

            and of course an escape clause.   He would also only be
            willing to do the basic transformation and not the Elder
            optional version.

            If we are only going to use the two illusions I would put
            them at the front as far away from Z’leyra as possible.
            Don’t want someone to stumble and poof
 no more disguise.
            Can’t give an evil GM to many opportunities.
        GM: Ack. Evil GM? I resemble that remark!

     [New Stuff]

         [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]                

         [Time: 1:50 pm]

           Zhou and Mun speak on the plans for the group.  Some talk
         is given on the children who will be in need of careful watching.

           Kell turns to the group as a whole for those that remain around
         him.   Rejoining the group, in Marentian, Ha'Kell has one more
         idea, "If we have the weapons, a few more decent fighters could
         be useful, if only to watch and guard our backs.  Say another
         six or eight good men. Whilst this is dangerous for them and
         us, it may be the coin that tips the scales in our favor."

           Captain Lin nods and looks to the group. "We can ask but
         if there are Vong out there they may be helpless.  We can't
         just leave them without protection."

           Farseeker looks to he group as well while Kell raises
         an eyebrow.  He did just speak in Marentian right?  Lin seems
         to notice the surprise.

           "Katai specialists like myself are specially trained in culture
         and languages.  I just happen to be one in the entire Empire that
         knows your language."  Lin smiles but with a sly grin.  "Yes
         back at camp I could understand.  It wasn't just my mind that
         detected your..special gifts.  I was lucky to understand you.
         It is just one of four other languages I know."  Lin finishes
         speaking in this case as a roughly accented Marentian speaker.

           Mun turns to hear the strange language speaking.  Zhou seems
         to realize what was said not by the language but by the looks.
         "We wish to help these people out but can you ask if they
         could spare some to help our fight?"

           Mun turns to Zhou then back at the group.  He speaks a bit
         loud so they can be heard. "We are about to leave this vile
         place and move you to safety.  These people wish to know if
         any would like to join them in the fight.  We know you do not
         have weapons but maybe some can be obtained.   It will be very
         dangerous but this is up to you to decide."

           After a few moments of quiet whispered debate, five of the males
         raise their hands.  One of the males is suddenly hit by a female
         next to him in the arm.  They begin to argue and speak quickly.
         From the sounds of it sounds like the male wants to avenge his
         son killed by the beasts.  But the female, it seems his wife,
         refuses as he still has two kids to protect in the group.  But
         finally bowing to pressure he decides not to take the risk.

           Farseeker then speaks softly, "so four.  That leaves it looks
         like ten adult males.  But frankly even the four don't look like
         they could tackle a stray dog on their farm."

           Kell speaks to the four men, "Can any of you fight?  Either
         with one of these remaining weapons or without weapons?"

           Two of the men explain they have hunting experience.  One
         says he can use farm tools well but not a fighter per se but
         he wishes to help even if he can.  The fourth says he had
         a short time in the military mostly on bandit patrol. But
         all advise the Vong weapons will not be used, they are vile
         magical weapons that turn into snakes.  But the pile of
         coufee daggers seem to be okay for them to use.

           Captain Lin speaks quietly to only the group.  "I may be
         tolerate in your use of your skills.  But these men will not.
         Taking them along could cause problems.  Your skills and
         abilities will have to be hidden."

           Unali finally seems roused and speaks up: "Zhou, please lead
         them to safety. I feel the strain of all these fights is getting
         to the group. The Vong are many and we are spread thin here. We
         certainly don't need the strain of having to watch and protect
         an unarmed group of friends."

           "Mun, for your safety and ours, it would be wise that you find
         shelter in the big cave or in the forest outside soon. Zhou or
         others could lead you. But with all the unknown Vong still
         waiting behind this door, touches the door with her hand, we
         cannot spare more than one able fighter. Please go. If there
         are more friends that can be saved we will do everything we can.
         The Empire will wake to another day."

           Zhou turns to Unali and bows in reply.  "This has been a very
         entertaining and fascinating trip.  Your friends are brave and
         I hope you all good will."  He glances at Kiet. "Especially this
         one here."

           Mun grabs Unali's gloved hand, "I agree.   You are brave
         people.  I must be with my people to help if someone gets
         hurt or I'd be with you."

           Kell notices Will exiting from one of the side prisoner caves.
         He notices a slight aura to him and gets a bit closer.  He does
         a once over and circles the woodsman.  He then figures out
         from his senses it is something on his top half.  He isn't
         a true Elf or Faerry but he does have some senses just not as
         attuned as they are.  Kell makes comment that something has
         changed and Will then realizes tha his new enchanted armor seems
         to have taken hold.

           Kell takes a minute to examine his gear in depth.  His helmet,
         armor and shield are in very good shape minor knicks but nothing
         serious as damage is concerned.  But his magical spear he is
         dismayed to see it is damaged from this fight.  He is no great
         weapon smith but he can detect it is at least 25% of its prime
         condition.  So if there are four such battles like just now
         it will be gone.  But that assumes the same damage and time
         frame.  He realizes he might get lucky and take no damage.
         There is no time, much less a forge, to repair the weapon
         at this time.

           Ha'Kell listens to Mun and the other men describing where
         they're going, petting Squirt and scratching right behind the
         adorable beast's ears. He listens then finally speaks.  "Mun,
         do you know what this pit is for? What are those bugs?  Can you
         sketch a map of the other rooms that are ahead of us?"

           Mun turns to the half elf and looks to the dark but glowing
         pit from the lichen.  "They deserve the bodies here for sacrifice.
         For their gods the females said.  For every so many they capture
         they need to do this they feel.  Rumors are at least 200-300
         are in there in some form.  We just don't know for sure.  For
         those who saved..." he becomes quiet as he becomes a bit upset.

           Kell may not be a Alfar Druid with Arawn's skill of Empathy
         but he can tell something is wrong.  He has seen Raban do this
         and its not something he does in normal situations outside
         making trade deals to make them comfortable.  But he grabs
         the man's shoulder to show some kindness.  It seems to work
         and he is surprised it does help outside soothing trade deals.

           "My...daughter was one of them.  They figured she could not
         work as some warrior sliced her knee with one of those snake
         weapons."  He turns away from the pit.  "She was only 6. These
         here are slaves for them.  Some were set to do tasks and
         help others.  Mostly experiments but not all."  He turns
         to Kell. "Yes.  As I said I can do some info on what is above.
         We didn't see much but we can at least give you a general idea."

           Kiet bristles with frustration and anger at Zhou's words to
         him.  After a few moments he speaks to the ingrate.  

           Kiet hears the words of this hapless ingrate.  How many times
         have these 'sadistic' ropes saves his life or the lives of one
         of the group?  Has not Kiet himself been put at extreme personal
         risk casting magic on Vong in order to protect this unenlightened

           Kiet considers casting just such a spell as brought down a
         Vong flyer... but only barely manages to withhold his anger.
         Kiet says quietly, and in low, controlled tones "I'll be staying
         here with the others.  If you flee with the prisoners,
         thankfully, I at won't have to watch your back.  And you're far
         better off that way..." At this, Kiet turns away from his former
         charge and moves over to talk to Kell.

           Before Kiet can walk away, Zhou grabs his arm.  

           Zhnu nods in some relief but regret.  The word "flee" seems to
         sting him a bit as if he is retreating.  He wonders if he should
         stay and help the others to prove himself.  Finally he softens
         his lips and speaks, "Thank you for the service.  I know it was
         mostly a role.  But ..you did help me." He glances back to the
         battle site behind him. "I wish you good luck.  Use one of your
         ropes to strangle one of those female things for me will you."
         Then a more wide grin comes to his face. "Before you go can you
         clean off my boots the blood looks real bad."

           Meanwhile in the north prisoner cave. Arawn listened as Fremea
         shared the plight of the poor Faerry, sadness and compassion
         evident on his face.  "I will go with you to the chamber. She
         has passed and it is my duty to see her spirit put to proper

           Arawn then listened as she shared the use of the Slay the
         Tame spell, his eyes drifting to the prisoners still trapped
         in the Embrace. "Thank you for the suggestion, Fremea. I had
         considered using the spell but realized that the energy needed
         to cast it to affect each Embrace was far too costly, too
         draining, in comparison to a single Teleport and a possible
         Sleep spell."

           He turned to reply to Chion's question.

           "If it's not a problem I would prefer the Teleport, Chion.
         Calling on the power to Slay all three Embraces will drain a
         portion of my spirit severely and I think I may need to conserve
         it as we move further in. But if you do not wish to do so then
         let me know and I will call upon the magic. Either way, once
         we're done here let us check on our poor cousin that lies

           Chion raises a eyebrow and crosses his arms.  "It is not
         every day a person teleports a thousand miles to deliver a
         dead girl to her people then come back.  I too need the
         magical energy but I will not refuse Fremea's request.  I
         could be drained greatly but sometimes one must do what one
         must do."

           As he waited to hear from the mages and unsure as to what
         Chion and Caladan would choose to do, Arawn seemed to ponder
         something for a moment before adding,

           "If I need be that I should Slay the Tame, Fremea, the spell
         you cast, was it taught to you in a proper manner it or was it
         cast through the power of your spirit? If the former, were you
         able to free her with the most basic of castings? I'm sorry to
         ask but I wonder if the life-force of the Embraces is strong
         enough to resist a basic casting or if something stronger is n

           Fremea looks puzzled. "Truly I do not understand your thinking
         It is a simple spell. As I was taught to use it with our
         language itself. Though I suppose if I wanted to just cast it,
         I could do that too, without speaking the tongue. Though I am
         not sure if there is much resistance, the other device withered
         very quickly, only once it did the implants and bugs inside her
         were free to do what they wanted without constraint. Your ways
         seem far too complicated."

           She turns to Chion, "If will not take too much time to
         transport her, I will go with and Arawn will stay here to tend
         to these humans. I understand the ways of the Fea it seems."
         With that she waits.

           Chion smiles and realizes the sense in that.  For years before
         he found the party he wanted to meet elves and the other Sidh but
         never did.  Now he is surrounded by royalty and other types.  "That
         will be fine.  It won't cost me extra due to the distance." He
         speaks this in Faerry Sidh to show that he also knows the
         language though in a very tourist level accent.

           "Thank you, Fremea," Arawn replied. "You're right, the spell
         is simple. My concern was resistance, if the constructs are
         resistant to magics like their Vong creators and if they are
         hardy enough to resist a basic casting. Trained, my ability to
         cast it would be at the most basic level for I am unpracticed
         with it and doing so as a natural ability would prove far more
         costly in spiritual energy than the teleport or sleep. If you're
         confident that the most basic casting  will suffice I will
         attempt it but I will also accompany you to see the Faerry."

           "It isn't an issue of time. The work here will take a but a
         minute and she will be... safe... until then," he said sadly.
         "It is my duty and honor as a druid of the Sidh to perform the
         proper rite for her spirit to be at rest and move on. The druids
         in the Pavassa, though respected, are tied to other forces and
         not directly to the Sidh. Please understand the importance of
         this, its significance. I know this might not seem like something
         important to you but I was raised among the Sidh and know their
         ways and I have seen the transition of spirits in the God-Lands
         and ask that you trust me on this... for her sake."

           Caladan listens to the talking and rolls his eyes.  He figures
         that Arawn might just be upset killing a tamed animal even if its
         alien.  Druids just don't do those things.  Maybe that is the
         true hesitation.  

           Back at the pit cave the others prepare for departure.

           As Will looks around and picks up his daggers and otherwise
         gets  ready to move on says "I just had an idea suppose we put
         a fake Vong at the front and back of our group as we move into
         the heart of the fortress it might give a few extra seconds if
         we run into anyone before they realize who we are and react."

           While Will gathers up his daggers he peers at the pit for some
         time in the lull of talk.  He tries to study the bugs on the
         ground.  But high up he can still see those flying creatures
         that attacked Caladan.  They seem to care less about the people
         around the pit.  It seems they only come when called by the
         Shapers.  There must be a few in the high shadows above but
         it is hard to get good reading on them due to the darkness
         and their size.  But below the bugs are active in their non-stop
         eating frenzy of dead and rotting bodies.  For the first time
         Will notices a Vong warrior in the mix.  They seem to not care
         what they eat.  Maybe the warriors talked back to the Shapers
         and were killed.  There seems to be no control or rhyme of the
         bugs.  They just eat where they find bodies.  Will wonders
         why they don't climb the walls.  He brings a wall torch over
         to peer down at the edge.  Those shoved over by Raban have
         bugs on them by now.  With the torch light it seems Will can
         detect a slime trail of sorts.   It could just be gore and
         blood but it seems to be like a snail trail by the fingernail
         to fist sized varying shapes of bugs.  Surely the fist sized
         spider like bugs could crawl the wall?  But after some moments
         he finds that their legs seem to be tailored to the mud below.
         The hard rock and sand wall must interfere but that is only
         a guess.  Plus maybe its just that why go up there when
         food is down there.  If it was empty then maybe they would
         climb the walls. 

           Strie'bog chimes in, "if those dog beasts are around though
         they might see through the illusion.  They seem to sense
         magical energies.  They may be breed for detection of such

           "Good idea." Says Z'leyra of Will's idea about fake Vong. "I
         guess I had better be in the middle then, since my chalcedony
         would cancel any illusions within 10 feet of me."

           Captain Lin frowns, "you want to set ..what did you call
         them? Illusions? In front of four men who would kill you
         rather than the Vong? I may be able to tolerate you to a
         point but these are....uneducated villagers. They kill then
         ask questions later."

           "Ah... I do seem to recall you mentioning that.

           "If you can do two that would be a very good start.  We would
         need enough to make it look good as guards for the rest.  I'm
         probably not as good as you are at Illusions but I might be able
         to help out as well.  There are probably others who would be
         better though."

           "There is one other spell that may help especially if it is
         used to disquise the person guarding Z'.  Transformation
         would work but we wouldn't want to cast it on any one who would
         be a better fighter if not in Vong form.  I do know
         transformation but I can't use it on myself and unfortunately
         I am also one of the few here who would be good candidate."

           Kiet brightens a bit at the suggestion. "I can cast that
         pretty well...it will change a person's appearance only,
         though.  The height of the person won't change.  I use the
         spell on occasion when I am performing.  I am able to wear
         lots of different costumes that way and they never have to be

           "Who wants it and how many should we do?  It would last for
         about 8 hours. Keep in mind that the person with such an
         illusion might be the target of those blasted bugs." 

           Will says, "we don't want more than half but at least a third
         of us posing as Vong and staggered guard prisnor since are Vong
         won't quite "smell" right."

           Zhou shakes his head in wonder at the free talk of magic in
         the future and hopes the villagers won't kill the party or
         be slaughtered by the party in return.
           Back in the Embrace of Pain chamber Arawn finally decides to
         go with he simple slay spell.  He figures Chion and Caladan do
         not have anything to add.  So he nods to Caladan.  Caladan
         walks behind the group and makes sure the others are not in
         range. Then in Marentian he casts the sleep mist spell which
         makes all three fall asleep.  He nods to Arawn who then
         enters the area of the torture devices.

           Using the spell in an area effect style with his 2 foot
         wand and his supernatural magical words he casts the
         sly spell.  Almost immediately the bugs which are like
         leathery-wood like slabs seem to shiver.  Two seconds later
         a big of noise like crackling wood on fire seems to happen
         for 2 more seconds. Then the creatures that serve as the
         shoulder harness seem to fall apart or at least "open"
         as if they might by normal means.

           Chion, Caladan and Arawn rush to help gather the three humans.
         They help them out to the bigger cave.  Mun rushes immediately
         with 6 other humans to help out.  Some seem to be clear relatives
         of the victims.  Two femals cry in surprise and happiness that
         they are free.

           Mun comes over to Arawn, "you have done it!  Did that thing
         help?"  But Arawn just stares at his bag where he put his
         wand and other gear.  He is a big distracted by the sad state
         of the Sidh in the other chamber.  He tries to nod but gives
         a weak response.  Mun doesn't stay though and goes to check
         with Z'leyra the fate of the three humans.  They end up to
         be in good shape with just minor bruises and cuts.  Mun is
         amazed to find the girl victim's shoulder wound better than
         he first saw it. He notices the humans who have coral in
         their various body areas are still there.  The spel must've
         not cured that.  The coral seem not to be tame creatures but
         more natural, to the Vong world at least. 

           Chion goes over to Strie'bog to whisper a few words and
         Strie'bog gives him some things to relay to his mother. A
         quick summary is given to some that joined them but they
         are eager to move to help the Faerry first.  

           Fremea hears of Will's plans for illusions.

           When Fremea hears the idea she smirks, "I believe you might
         just have a problem there, there will be some short Vong."
         She just giggles  to herself.

           Arawn, Chion and Fremea return to the other Embrace where
         the dead girl remains.  Chion stands outside to give them
         privacy.  Arawn gives a quick Rite of the Dead prayer.  The
         strong girl will be much better now.  Arawn then leaves and
         joins the others.  Chion reminds him they will return in
         ten minutes.

           Chion grabs the dead girl's body in his arms.  Then with
         Fremea by his side casts the spells to get them to the
         forest some thousand odd miles away.

           Arawn returns to the pit cave and catches up on the gossip
         and plans for the next move. 


         [Time: 2:05 pm]

           Chion and Fremea return to the Embrace cave and then exit
         out into the main cave. She is upset she has to wear a dress
         again until the villagers leave the area.  Unless someone
         invited some along with them.  Then it might be a issue. She
         will have to find out when she catches up on the plans.

           Captain Mun is explaining the method they were taken.  By
         groups of Vong warriors, those dog beasts and at least one
         Shaper per group.  At least 10-15 in each Flyer were placed
         compacted together.  They flew for some time but did not know
         how long.  On landing they exited to find the Mount interior.
         The top was gone but soon "rolled" back into place covering
         the top half.  It seems the top was natural opening as there
         were signs of water erosion and damage.

           "Based on the sun shadows there are some natural and some
         carved out caves in the west and east side of the volcanic
         tube cave.  It is rather large inside and circular.  The north
         and south areas seem to have no caves on them.  But on those
         that did there were structures that looked like ladders or
         ropes or struts that allowed the beasts to climb from the
         ground all the way to the top."

           "There is some debate on the number of caves.  But at least
         four or five on each side.  Some debate on the number of
         creatures but maybe 50-75?  Since many had different point of
         views and longer time it was hard to tell.  We were led
         out of the flying rocks and lead down a ramp below.  We passed
         some winding caves.  We were forced to strip and leave as
         much of our gear as they wanted.   Some cave has our gear
         there but not sure if its guarded.  Then we went down some
         corridors and with a few twists and turns came to the cave
         here.  Some were led to the lake area while were led
         here.  I'll try to give you some details but it was a bit
         of a blur."

           Mun places a sketch on Will's pad that he furnishes after
         the map was roughly done in the dirt. The detail isn't much
         and clearly the bulk of the upper cave is not known to the
         prisoners.  The bulk of the Vong must be in the side terranced

           "So as soon as you leave here you'll travel down the hall
         then turn right and then left.   At that point a small cave
         will show the area they stored our stuff.  We saw some warriors
         but not sure if they are now. They seem to not want the stuff
         so don't seem to care about keeping it safe.  Just seems they
         didn't want us having things to use.  From there you head down
         another hall to the ramp.  The ramp seems to be a natural
         area where lava came up.  From one level to the landing strip
         is maybe 30 feet?  The huge volcanic tube cave is about 1000
         feet by 1000 feet.  So its pretty big."

           "The ramp leading up goes northward slope.  Walking up you
         emerge in the outer cave.  Looking north and south is nothing.
         But to the right are these strange looking mini domes.  Maybe
         30 in 5 or 6 rows of 5 or so.  Some suspect they might be
         tents or such of their design. To the left or west are the
         flyers themselves in about 8 rows of 4 or 5.  Some argue
         there could be as many as 150-200 flying rocks."

           "There are 200 up there?!" Farseeker shows a bit of a panic
         in his face.  He calculates the odds. One pilot maybe 10
         or so Vong troops.  Could be as many as 2000? "You only
         estimate a few hundred at most up there?"

           "It seems most of the flying rocks seem to be not used.
         Most report that at any one time maybe 10 at most were used.
         So Maybe they only had time to get the things here before
         the people?"  Mun replies to Farseeker.

           Mun continues, "On each four corners if you call a corner
         in a round place there are four raised platforms that must
         be in some fashion guard towers.  We could see a few in
         each place.  The ramp is totally exposed and is in the center
         of the main ground floor.  The domes and flyers are about
         150 or so feet away from the ramp in each direction."

           "The side caves on the walls are about 300 feet from this
         ground area.  Some learned from one female that the ground
         level is about 200 feet off the ground outside.  So we
         are probably 100 feet below that and the lake could be
         100 feet below ground or so? But these are only estimates
         of those who explore caves."  He points to a few folks who
         he seems to imply do.  "The guard towers might be 30-50
         feet off the ground towering over the domes and flyers
         to watch the entire area. The first set of caves on the
         walls are at 300 feet above that.  Then a few more higher
         maybe 100 but the tallest caves are 200 feet after that.
         So from ground floor the caves are 300-500 feet up.  the
         top cover thing is about 300 feet above the top cave."

           Fremea figures the cave entrance to the north wall must
         be attached to the side caves.  Good thing she didn't
         fly into those areas and be discovered.

           So once this is learned the party soon becomes agitated
         on their discussion to form plans.  

         Actions? Comments? 

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