[pnpgm] delay

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Dec 16 07:05:04 CET 2011

Scott says:

Monday was bad day. Very serious family situation came up nd still 
dealing with it. So why no update then.
Got some of the update done tonight but not much. I was hoping tp get 
more posts. But not any real ones.
Also computer had issues. Put in a CD and it exploded in drive in 
billion pieces. So had to get it replaced
drive wise.

Then some software issue from doing a printer driver udpate. Its fixed 
now so should get computer tomorrow but lost it this week use wise.

Not been a fun week.

that's it..if don't mind..will work on the fix tomorrow think I know 
what the probme is on this machine..but no time...

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