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 OOC:  I take it from the abundance of silence that either no one has
the transformation spell or nobody wants to be a Vong or perhaps both.
  Will however is still willing to spend an hour or two as a Vong with
of course a few precautions…
and of course an escape clause.   He would also only be willing to do
the basic transformation and not the Elder optional version.

If we are only going to use the two illusions I would put them at the
front as far away from Z’leyra as possible.  Don’t want someone to
stumble and poof… no more disguise.   Can’t give an evil GM to many

On 12/6/11, John Stowman <jorosto at gmail.com> wrote:
> OCC:  Come to think of it Trans. would probably work on Z' as well but
> she is one who is probably tougher as she is. So in theory we could
> probabnly make everyone in the party look like a Vong but it would
> take a lot of mana.   There are probably severl pepole who would not
> be willing any way.  We probably would not want over half of the party
> as Vong both for mana cost as well as personal preferance.  It may
> also be more effective that way we know the vong have ways to be
> allerted to the presence of magic users and if every one looked like a
> Vong it would bacfire.
> Will says " We dont want more than half but at least a third of us
> posing as Vong and stagered guard pisinor since are Vong wont quite
> "smell" right.
> On 12/5/11, John Stowman <jorosto at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "If you can do two that would be a very good start.  We would need enough
>> to make it look good as guards for the rest.  I'm  probably not as good
>> as
>> you are at Illusions but I might be able to help out as well.  There are
>> probably others who would be better though.
>> There is one other spell that may help especially if it is used to to
>> disquise the person guarding Z'.  Transformation would work but we
>> wouldn't
>> want to cast it on any one who would be a better fighter if not in Vong
>> form.  I do know transformation but I can't use it on myself and
>> unfortunately I am also one of the few here who would be good candidate."
>> OOC:  Trans. is the proto-typical prince into a frog spell.  This would
>> be
>> an unusual use for it but Will well might be tougher as a vong than as a
>> human and since he could still speek and keeps his intellect he could
>> still
>> cast magic.
>> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 8:08 PM, <dasandersx at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>  Kiet brightenss a bit at the suggestion.
>>> "I can cast that pretty well...it will change a person's appearance
>>> only,
>>> though.  The height of the person won't change.  I use the spell on
>>> occasion when I am performing.  I am able to wear lots of different
>>> costumes that way and they never have to be packed!"
>>> "Who wants it and how many should we do?  It would last for about 8
>>> hours."
>>> "Keep in mind that the person with such an illusion might be the target
>>> of
>>> those blasted bugs."
>>> If people want it, Kiet will cast it for up to two people, at maximum EL
>>> plus using supernatural language.  That should do it!
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>>> > "Good idea." Says Z'leyra of Will's idea about fake Vong. "I guess I
>>> > had
>>> better be in the middle then, since my chalcedony would cancel any
>>> illusions within 10 feet
>>> "Ah... I do seem to recall you mentioning that.
>>> OCC:  no off switch huh
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